This is a form of forum game wherein a user posts a segment of story, then gives options for the next user to choose from. They tend to be more light-heated than the Twatter Story games, but still tell stories.


One noteworthy recurring character throughout all of these games, represented by a gif image of a dancing green alien (derived from a larger internet meme), is a generally malicious character who is only referred to by using said gif, even in place of pronouns.

Super Staby0urself Bros. Story Edit

The first one. It was made by mari0br0s. It started with an obvious reference to Super Mario Bros., but the protagonist was later defined explicitly as Chuck Sucks.

Choose Your Own Adventure Edit

CYOA: Random Edit

Shortly after Super Staby0urself Bros. Story was purged, TurretBot made handful of forum games using the same setup, starting with this one. Once it was the last CYOA game, he renamed it to simply "Choose Your Own Adventure."

The plot focused on an unnamed person's misadventures with odd tasks, such as finding mole-men. They later die and become recruited by the Lord of Purgatory, and saves the universe.

CYOA: Mari0 Edit

Alongside the "Random" game, Turret made an alternate game with the plot based on Mari0. He made this game to fulfill a Mario-related CYOA game, since Super Staby0urself Bros. Story strayed so far from it.

Other CYOA Games Edit

After Choose Your Own Adventure became popular, an influx of short-lived alternate games came about.

Super Staby0urself Bros. 2 Story Edit

A while after Choose Your Own Adventure died, QwertymanO07 made a quasi-sequel to Super Staby0urself Bros. Story.

It started with an obvious reference to Super Mario Bros. 2, and later involved the protagonist's adventures through Subcon. It was eventually revealed, like in SMB2, that Subcon was a dream world (real or not), but the game was purged as well, before much else could be revealed.

Choose Your Own (and Also Everyone Else's) Adventure Edit

By the time Mari0_Player created this new CYOA game, Super Staby0urself Bros. 2 Story had already been purged long since. Its creation was likely unrelated to the older games, unlike previous revivals. Outside of a small reference, they seem to be unrelated. Despite this, it does have a connection to Collective Tale through the shared Inkling character. How it fits into the continuity is currently unknown.


Shortly after the launch of Collective Tale 2, QwertymanO07 tried reviving the CYOA format as well. It's plot involves an unnamed character of very ambiguous gender traveling through reverences to various video games with a magic camera that copies the subject of the photo.