0'Brothers was created as an exercise in creating a very Super Mario Bros.-like mappack. As such, it does not feature any elements from Portal, aside from the Portal Gun itself, now a mandatory tool for traversing the levels.

The mappack features stunning, 8-bit styled graphics, including great Tiles and detailed Backgrounds. It even has custom music, with an optional mod to replace the default songs with yet more custom tracks.

The mappack spans a full eight worlds of four levels each. The gameplay is noticeably more difficult than Super Mario Bros., and features many puzzles with portals, even to the point of infamy regarding Koopa shells.

An SE Beta 9 port was provided by MagicPillow, which also includes most of the custom assets from the mod, though has a few incompatibility issues.

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Reception Edit

0'Brothers has been widely regarded as one of the most well-made mappacks for Mari0 in terms of visual design and creativity. However, much criticism has been leveraged against its overuse of shell puzzles. Many forum members posted about only getting a few levels in before the mappack would became tedious to play, with some levels dragging on for far longer than necessary depending on the player's ability to quickly solve puzzles.

Despite this, it is still one of the most downloaded and well-known mappacks on the forum to date.


  • The mappack was released on April 28, 2012, almost two months after Mari0's release.
  • A sequel was in the works for SE, titled Super 0'Brothers. No release window has been announced, but you can follow progress on its official YouTube channel.