The 1.6 Portal Mappack, otherwise simply known as "Portal", is the portal campaign for Mari0. It includes 19 test chambers spread across 9 levels, each becoming more challenging than the last. It makes use of every portal element present in Mari0 1.6.

Despite being an official Stabyourself mappack, some of the aesthetics are quite sloppy, with cutoff tiles being quite common. It also has a very out-of-place Super Mario Bros. track playing throughout the mappack. It was never officially released for SE, as Maurice wanted to create a better one. However, it was ported to SE Beta 8 by TurretBot.

Test Chambers Edit

This mappack includes 19 test chambers. They are spread out across 9 levels, each with their own puzzles and challenges.

World 1 Edit

Test Chamber 00 Edit


This test chamber introduces cubes and how they can be used to weigh down buttons. The use of portals is optional.


Test Chamber 01 Edit


This test chamber evolves the concept seen in the previous test. Note how there are two buttons, but only one cube. Unlike the previous test, portals are mandatory.


Test Chamber 02 Edit


This test chamber introduces Hard Light Bridges and how they can be used to reach areas that cannot be reached by jumping.


Test Chamber 03 Edit


This test chamber introduces Lasers and how they can be blocked with cubes.


Test Chamber 04 Edit


This test chamber introduces Repulsion Gel and how it can be used to preserve jump height.


Test Chamber 05 Edit


This test chamber introduces Aerial Faith Plates and how they fling objects. It also uses Emancipation Grills as a testing element.


Test Chambers 06-08 Edit

World 2 Edit

Test Chambers 09-16 Edit

World 3 Edit

Test Chamber 17 Edit


This test chamber is a challenge of timing, with deadly consequences.


Test Chamber 18 Edit


This test chamber serves as a final challenge for the player's dexterity.


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