Not to be confused with the C key.

C is a character that no one seemed to care about; no offense. He was controlled by Popcan.

General Edit

Character Bio
Birthplace Unknown
Status Unknown
Last Seen Unknown
Other attributes
Weapons Unknown
Special Skills Unknown
Controlled by Popcan
He's a cool guy, he has black hair, sunglasses, with a hint of evil. He came to Twatter to enjoy a peaceful life, until one day, while sitting at a lake, he found some guards talking. So he scared the guards away and stalked some characters. He's an expert in repair, has a Glock in his back pocket, of his black pants, other then that, he's also a wiz at hacking, nature and sneaking.

–Popcan's description of his character

He has sunglasses and emo hair? How the hell does he see? And for some reason I imagine him wearing the hat in your icon, even though it was never mentioned in the description.

–Pyr0saur, during a time Popcan's character was practically blind

He's somewhat of a lurker that just... is kinda there: one of two definitions of an ephemeral character. He didn't do anything, and just watched and talked about how others forgot him.

Chapter 2 Edit

He meets LF and Sakura and follows them. He's quickly forgotten.

Trivia Edit

  • Literally one person included C in his post: Sam Kostka. Popcan immediately responded by correcting Sam.
  • Perhaps a major reason why he was forgotten is because he decided to italicize every post and redden all his dialogues. Or perhaps because of his less than conventional name.

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