Note: I have a bias for coherent story-telling, so I may come off as a bit edgy in sections where logic is pissed on. Sue me.

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These are the characters that lasted for a large portion of the story and contributed to it in a meaningful method. I hesitated to add Turret in here...

Ephemeral Characters Edit

These are characters that either lasted a ridiculously short time in the story or were just kind of there. As a note, this does not speak any less of the character.

  • C (Controlled by popcan12) On this list for being irrelevant to the story.
  • Jakeri (Controlled by RWLabs) On this list for being in the story for a short duration. Arguably, Jakeri did have a somewhat large role, but that's up for debate.
  • The Queen of Twatter (Controlled by Jorichi and WillWare) I will take out the dreams about her entirely for turning out to be irrelevant to the story.
  • Ice Shard (Controlled by Thunderflipper) On this list for being in the story for a short duration.
  • Sakura (Controlled by herself) On this list for being in the story for a short duration.
  • Lawnboy (Controlled by himself) On this list for having literally one post dedicated to him.
  • Rokit Boy (Controlled by himself) On this list for also having literally one post dedicated to him.

Synopsis Edit

The Aftermath of Jorichi's Suicide Edit

Okay.... We will start Ch. 2 NOW!

Chapter 2

It has been 5 years since Jorichi admitted suicide. We tried to figure out why, but we never found out, so we just forgot all about the invasion. Well, everypony except me. I now live a regular old life with my now marefriend, Derpy, and my daughter Dinky, in a big house in the ground. Since the incident, I've been known as one of Ponyville's greatest heroes ever known.

–LightningFire, kicking off the chapter.

Five years had passed after Jorichi committed suicide.

In the future, Turmoil no longer posed a threat to WillWare's homeland. After the death of Jorichi, WillWare expected that he would be met with a welcome party- yet he was immediately arrested for having stolen the Time Stone. His trial was brief; his Time Stone was tested for its paradox effects, and when tested positive, he was let go. Very few trusted WillWare, regardless. But balance was not to last; a new threat arose from Turmoil in the form of attacks. Suspecting that again Guardians of Chaos from before had yet again fueled this attack, he decided to steal the Time Stone once more. He had been right before after all.

After swiftly breaking into the storage of the Time Stones again quite easily, he decided that five years after the Jorichi's suicide would be optimal. As he whispered "Chronos Control", a humanoid figure looked at him. When WillWare awoke, he saw that the humanoid figure was none other than a fellow Balance Angel by the name of Grace- WillWare's competition for the fastest Balance Angel. They noticed immediately that the cloud on which Equestria resided appeared to be falling. They began to run towards it.

In the five years since the death of Jorichi, a man by the name Delta Nova had been researching Jorichi's eerie death. He was an alchemist that resided in Twatter, and was obssessed with The Book of Ancient Chaos which detailed Jorichi's invasion on Equestria. With his followers, he attempted to summon Jorichi's spirit, but instead released a thousand Chaos souls to the calm kingdom of Twatter. All his followers, along with half the population of Twatter perished in a way that left the streets of Twatter red. Eventually, Delta managed to return the souls back from whence they came.

Of course, this couldn't go unpunished. He was currently kneeling in front of the Queen of Twatter- awaiting judgement. While he fully expected the death penalty, because of his banishing of the spirits was granted life... but at a cost. He was banished, and given five days to run before he would be hunted down for the bounty of 25 million dollars. Running home, he quickly gathered, The Book of Ancient Chaos, The Book of Spirits, Binoculars, some ingredients for alchemy, some food, drinks and his long black cloak. Finally as a self defense measure, he took the ancient Scythe he found during his travels to discover ancient artifacts and clues. He then began to run and collapsed just short of two people running in his direction- WillWare and Grace. Noticing the unconscious man and the darkening sky, they decided to make camp- after all, Equestria was far above the ground. While Grace left to scour for food, WillWare noticed a yellow glow in Delta's bag. Then he placed Delta's Yellow Emerald inside WillWare's bag. When Grace returned with parts of a deer, WillWare began to make a "stew" of it. Grace asked about the nature of Equestria's fall and WillWare explained that the White Emerald of the Gods wasn't present. Grace, upon realizing what she considered to be folktales were true, appeared disconcerted by this.

Meanwhile, RW woke up in complete darkness. Greedily sucking in oxygen, he realized that he had no memory of what had happened outside of him eavesdropping on the ponies. He took out a lighter to make sense of his surroundings, and saw that he was surrounded in completely black rocks, and that had a note behind. Written by RW himself, explained that he had injected a nepenthe and to follow a marble that he had in his pocket. Confused, RW saw that he indeed had a marble and that the ground was slanted for the marble to act as a guide. What he encountered was his laboratory- a replica of it. RW wandered inside and found screens that showed him LF having a picnic, WillWare and a soldier that he didn't recognize, and a man bowing before a queen (Delta.) RW, perplexed why his old self wanted to keep on eye on the man before the queen, then noticed something else. Subject 513 in his real lab, feeding on chemicals and dead bodies. He also found that he was hundreds of miles below the surface, as well as the fact -to his shock- that he had genetically enhanced himself to be faster, stronger, more dexterous and able to regenerate. Then, he noticed that the WillWare had encountered the man who had bowed to the Queen. The man had more equipment- a scythe and, to RW's interest, books related to Jorichi. He found that the man's name was Delta from his notes.

When he realized that the replica would surely have the prison sectors, RW rushed down to the prison sector of his replica lab and discovered a hundred dead bodies- something that he would never approve of (he wants experiment subjects, not corpses). He found a note that told him that he had to stay for a month in the place as the chemicals must stabilize. But before he finished reading, a monster attacked him- to whom RW instinctively leaped out of the way as it swung. Then instantly, he closed the distance, then his right hand pierced through its chest. Shocking himself by what he had done, he continued reading- the note told him to practice for a month before heading to the control rooms.

One month later, RW, in the control room stood before a monstrous machine. The final note informed him that this was a machine designed to rip into time and space. RW smiled, turned on the machine and stepped inside, causing 'wormholes' in various places and time.

LightningFire had settled down with Derpy. During a picnic, he felt that something was off and shot to his room. He wondered what the others were doing. While he consulted the presence of the Green Emerald, it suddenly shot out a flash of light, knocking him unconscious. Later when Thunderflipper arrived, he saw that LF had simply disappeared. He then plummeted to Twatter, hoping that he had enough magic to cushion his fall. When he woke up, he was in the bed of a castle. Aware of LF's battles in Equestria, the King of Twatter entered the room and offered LF his Green Emerald that he had stolen from the asleep LF for capturing Delta "the Outlaw" Nova. LF promptly agreed and flew out. While in search, LF came dangerously close to Delta, but instead was intercepted by Sakura, with a brick. They noticed that Equestria was falling so both of them decided to fly towards it, before accidentally entering a wormhole. Afterwards, they encounter a dragon named Spike, and soon return to the ground.

When Delta awoke in the morning, he was fed by WillWare. Because he refused to give a name, WillWare decided to call him Spark. After consulting his notes, Delta wondered if the Sword of Corruption that remained on Equestria was in fact responsible for the fall of Equestria. WillWare, Grace and Delta cleaned up after the camp- and at that moment TF's body dropped in front of them, unconscious but clearly alive. WillWare, recognizing TF, explained to the curious two that he was in fact the Gatekeeper of Chaos. With a sudden disgust, Grace enforced that the group would leave immediately in the opposite direction. In doing so, they accidentally fell into a "wormhole" of a kind. Upon waking up, he realized that Equestria was no longer falling- in fact, out of sight. Also, Delta and Grace had already set up camp. With this, WillWare decided to investigate the ruins of RWLabs instead of saving Equestria. WillWare and Grace decided to scout around for any dangers that may be lurking and Spark remained to tend the camp. While doing so, the world grew dark and a gust of wind arrived. When it all disappeared, a scientist in a bloody lab suit remained. RW seemed to recognize Delta, who was unsettled by that fact in regards to the bounty. However, RW appeared to have no desire to hurt Delta and even went far enough to pick up Delta's notes that were scattered by the gust. When WillWare and Grace returned, RW explained that Subject 513 was alive, and that the laboratory was more dangerous than ever.

The Journey to RWLabs Edit

(Note: Spark and Delta will be used interchangeably. Try not to confuse them as different people.)

RW had explained that such wormholes boosted people forwards by one month. While making notes to himself, Delta wrote down the suspicious nature of the scientist's arrival and behavior, as well as consulting his notes for the Lightning Reflexes potion. The scientist was correct; they were heading to dangerous places and he needed a method of protection.

The next morning, the group cleaned up the camp and prepared to leave. Just as they were about to leave, WillWare noticed a pink light in the middle of where they had been. Although RW explained that this was the sign of a wormhole forming, Spark showed interest and continued to watch. Then unexpectedly, the wormhole continued to grow into a grotesque pupil, which WillWare realized was spewing corruption itself. He explained without any prevention, such a phenomenon would corrupt the entire world, and that being sucked into it would be "not pretty" and staying away from it causes more to appear. As a solution, WillWare threw in his Time Stone, which negated the time rift and destroyed it along with the corruption. He muttered to himself that it would be a problem.

Upon trekking to the bottom of the mountain on which RWLabs resided, WillWare's group chose to prematurely set up camp. They exchanged stories (likely RW and Spark didn't as much as the remaining two) and hunted for food. Later that night while the party slept, Delta was consulting The Book of Spirits, having difficulty sleeping due to the large bounty on his head. Then he realized something odd- Jorichi only used four out of seven Emeralds for the Sword of Chaos. Then with a epiphany, he shouted out to himself that Jorichi had simply been bluffing, waking up the others. While WillWare, Grace and RW questioned his claims, Delta declared that he could stop Equestria's fall by simply cancelling the illusion of the Sword. He then performed a rite to cause the Sword to fall through Equestria... that fell into Twatter with a tremendous thud.

Quickly followed by the tip of the sword coming through. The blade slowly came through, it went through the island, until if fell with incredible speed to the surface of Twatter.

The massive blow of the Sword striking the surface of Twatter gave the group trouble to stand up right as the ground shook violently.

"W-What happened?!" WillWare asked Delta. "Something is wrong..." He replied.

"No shit Sherlock!" Grace replied furiously.

When the ground stopped shaking RW looked up at Equestria: "It stopped falling.". The others looked up as well, to see it themselves. He was clearly telling the truth, but there was a massive rip left in the island.

"At least it isn't falling anymore..." Delta said quietly, wiping the sweat from his forehead .

Delta claimed that the sword would be of no harm in Twatter. Finally, the group settled down to sleep.

During the night, WillWare suddenly woke up without knowing why. He heard a faint growling and awoke Grace to confirm his suspicions. However, nothing happened for five minutes, so Grace blamed the crackling of the fire and returned to her slumber. WillWare prepped himself to sleep again, telling himself that it was a harmless nocturnal animal, but heard the growl again, except closer. He stood up, weapon in hand to see that RW too was awake with a needle in the direction of the sound. They both saw a shadow skitter away. WillWare and RW put out the fire and left the other two asleep to prevent anything else from being attracted to them, and spread out across the camp, believing that they were more than capable of fending off one beast. However, when a beast pushed down WillWare, he found that it was incredibly strong and agile, and that he was barely able to keep it from tearing into his throat. RW, despite knowing that he was too slow, began to dash towards the Balance Angel, but there was no need- Spark cut the beast's head clean off with his scythe. Upon analyzing the dead wolf, RW determined that it was completely normal- save for the psychological components that led it to hunt alone despite being a pack animal and with far superior strength and agility. Spark suggested that the cause of their behavior may be accredited to the vicinity of RWLabs, and by tangent the Emerald. WillWare promised to be prepared for another attack and decided to stand guard. RW and Spark offered to shift in anytime... and all this time Grace slept on.

The next morning while WillWare's group was going up the mountain, WillWare looked down to see that a small pink fog was emanating from the Sword of Chaos. He remarked that it must be the corruption that would take over in exactly one month, and while it was mostly harmless now, that its effects would grow worse over time. RW took this time to ask how long it had been since he reached Equestria and was surprised to hear that five years had passed, rather than the one that he was expecting. As they continued on their journey, Delta suddenly stopped in his tracks- realizing that the Sword of Chaos was in fact the Sword of Summoning. WillWare asked if it was to summon the Chaos God, but Delta informed him that for that to occur, all the Emeralds had to be gathered; Jorichi had killed himself to summon himself back but with far greater powers than before with the Sword of Summoning. Although Delta was ready to dash down the mountain to attempt to stop the summoning, WillWare talked him out of it by informing him that the only way to prevent this was by collecting all the Chaos Emeralds. Surprised at WillWare's knowledge, Delta agreed to continue to the journey to RWLabs.

Meanwhile, Sam Kosta, who was from the US, was walking down a rainy road. He noticed a hooded man beckon him over, and despite being shy, Sam knew (?) that he didn't intend Sam any harm. When Sam approached the man, he pushed Sam into a portal. When Sam awoke, he was in a very bloody forest. He climbed up a tree as soon as possible. When night arrived, Sam noticed bears beginning to hack away at the tree- and they weren't ordinary by their strength and agility. It was a thick tree, but this proved to be worrying. Sam began to scream for help.

While WillWare led the way for RW (his knowledge of the forest was obselete- apparently the forest's growth too was affected by the Emerald?), Spark and Grace, RW suddenly stopped. He asked if they smelled something off and began hacking away at the bushes. The others shrugged, questioning RW's sanity before doing the same. After cutting through roughly twenty meters of shrubbery, RW pointed at a van- which was well hidden in the bushes. While wondering how RW smelled the van, the group found that this was in fact Jakeri's -RW's friend and chemical supplier- van. RW explained that the current environment used to be a clearing and that Jakeri took his wagon to deliver the chemicals for the final stretch because the road up wasn't fit for a van. They concluded that Jakeri likely perished in the labs before settling in for the night. Secretly, RW dug inside the van and found chemicals that he had come to the van for- and brewed up a solution using what was left. He went to sleep, ignoring screams for help.

WillWare, however, couldn't sleep. He snuck back the Yellow Emerald into Delta's bag for his conscience. In doing so, he heard screams for help, and dashed in that direction. He found a group of bears that were hacking away at a tree- they were close to accomplishing their goal... WillWare taunted the bears, and effectively killed one. When one of the bears charged at him, he broke his bow into two swords and stabbed it in the neck. Then he felt another bear breathing down his neck- and tensed. However, the blow never arrived- Spark was digging his scythe out of the bear's spine. WillWare saved Sam Kostka from the tree and introduced him to the camp and the people of the camp. He then informed Sam of the events that led to their expedition and fed him food.

Upon waking up, Sam saw that everyone else had already gotten up. He saw RW putting needles into the corpses of the bears and began to freak out- he really hated needles. RW bluntly replied that Sam could simply leave if the needles bothered him so. Running into WillWare, Sam asked where exactly they were heading. WillWare pointed towards the top of the mountain- RWLabs. WillWare debated whether he should tell Sam about Subject 513...

RW slowly distanced himself from the camp until he finished getting all the samples. Now standing near a creek, RW drew out the chemical solution he had brewed before- it had been sickly green, but it was now turquoise. Smiling, RW saw the Lamplight Compound that would bring back his memories and prepared for injection- and then a bear slammed into him, knocking his needle away. Screaming in rage, RW scrambled back up in defense and held his surgeon's knife in front of him. He threatened that he would kill the bear like the ones on the ground- to which the bear responded by looking at the said corpses. Intrigued by the bears' possible understanding of language, RW began to wonder the real effects of the Emerald. Then the bear charged, ready to crush RW... and then the scientist shoved his right hand into the bear's heart, killing it. He reminded himself that showing his capabilities was displaying his weakness and vowed not to show anyone else of this ability. He recovered the remainders of the Lamplight Compound and was both angry and glad that some remained. He injected himself, knowing that the memories would return at a slower and discrete rate due to the lack of volume- and felt what he described as white light filled his brain.

RW got up from the ponies' cottage in the middle of the night as the others were sleeping. WillWare was sound asleep. RW smirked, then opened the door, then softly closed it behind him, then set out for Jorichi. He was sure that Jorichi would find this information interesting- a small way to repay the way Jorichi had transformed RW from a hurt little boy to a great scientist. As he heard ponies' hooves, he crept into the shadows of the forest. He waited for a long time before the sounds of footsteps disappeared...

When he finally got out of the forest, he realized that it was day. He had no idea how much time had passed. He arrived to the throne, only to witness Jorichi's suicide. RW, thoroughly shocked by this turn of events, arranged a portal. It would lead him deep underground- where no one would ever find him. Others were rejoicing, hardly noticing the dark, shadowy figure that RW now became. "Where are you going?" asked WillWare, worriedly. RW had gone mute, and did not seem to eat or drink at all. When anyone talked to RW, he just glared at them with dark anger in his eyes. WillWare wondered if RW's sanity finally snapped. RW coldly looked into WillWare's eyes before he slipped inside the portal. It closed behind him.

–RW's flashback #1

Offset by this, RW watched the creek to calm himself down, before heading back to the camp.

Meanwhile, LF and Sakura who were wandering through the woods, heard the conversation and found the group. With their arrival, the spirits of the group grew high and they socialized with one another. Grace especially made the most out of the situation, being in an environment that she had believed were from fairy tales. Before the final climb to reach the laboratory, the group decided to set up a camp and prepare food, drinks and firewood. When the fire began to dim late into the night, conversations slowed, until WillWare spoke up.

In summary, he revealed that in the ancient times, there was a battle between Light and Shadow. Their battles ranged over centuries and swallowed entire kingdoms. Then a respected scholar named Kaynan Fireheart, who originally worked with Shadow, realized that none could exist without the other and that neither was inherently good or bad. Although he died before he delved deeper into his studies, Light and Shadow formed a shaky truce, albeit they didn't get along well. Over centuries of this revelation, two schools of thought formed- Order and Chaos. Order believed in a harmonious coexistence and Chaos believed in complete isolation. Then somewhere along the lines, Order came to stand for law and honour whereas Chaos came to stand for anarchy and power. These two forces sparked a new war- with Order winning over most of Chaos (thus murdering Jorichi and Thunderflipper's family). While Chaos survived barely, two thousand years before WillWare's times (or a thousand years after the rest of them) to WillWare's current time, there was a blank space in the history books. The Chaos Emeralds became Time Stones and the Master Emerald ceased to be. Time travellers attempted to map out what happened, but disappeared, with the Time Stone appearing back in WillWare's time. Then the Time Stones were locked away to prevent further disappearances. In WillWare and Grace's times, two new ideas were introduced to already existing Chaos and Order: Balance and Turmoil. Balance Angels wanted to keep Chaos and Order equally balanced whereas Turmoil wanted Chaos and Order to be in incessant state of war, ruling until driven down by a retaliation. Wanting to prevent such a fate, WillWare realized that this point in time was the quintessential moment to prevent the very inception of Turmoil and returned to this timeline. No one in his homeworld believed him, however. After this, the group retired to sleep.

Sam Kostka lay awake, due to having seen a vision of the mysterious man who pushed him into the portal, and decided to take a walk when dawn arrived. When he turned to check if others were still asleep, he nearly choked at the sight of RW staring into his eyes. RW simply noted that he was curious that Sam was awake and began walking towards the forest in a whoosh of fabric. Cancelling his walk, Sam could only wait until RW returned with needles full of something red. Sam began to think that something was very wrong with RW- for at the exact moment of his return others began to wake up. RW informed the group of the dangers of the laboratory- the monsters inside broke into Sectors J-Y to feed on the humans and the chemicals inside their bodies stabilized. Of course, Subject 513 was in RWLabs somewhere. Then the group prepared to leave and began the final ascent when a messenger hawk with a piece of paper delivered the paper to the group. Delta picked it up and after a grimace, nailed it to a rock with his scythe and stepped back for all to read. Five days were over.

The flyer had a title of big black bold letters saying 'WANTED', shortly followed by a very recent image of Delta himself.

'Delta 'Nova' the Outlaw' the text continued, shortly followed by the bounty of $25,000,000.00 Dead or Alive.

–The flyer, Jorichi

LF remembered his original task to capture Delta, but decided against it. The group too unanimously agreed not to turn in Delta and continued walking. Then RW was beside him, whispering whilst moving his mouth minimally and looking straight ahead. Understanding that the conversation was controversial, Delta replied in the same fashion, asking what RW wanted to say. RW admonished Delta to be wary of the others, as $25 million was enough for a luxurious life and that they were aware of Delta's agility with his scythe. Delta grimly noted this, but thought that RW warning Delta was uncharacteristic of him.

Upon finally reaching the building, the group found it immaculate.

At the laboratory's doors, the group rechecked their supplies. LF took a brief walk around the building then returned, frowning. "Where's the hole that TF burned through?" he asked RW. WillWare noticed that the hole that TF had made as he exited the lab had been filled in.

"Likely Lucretia Rogers filled it in" answered RW, "she took care of all my financial problems in exchange for the chemicals I researched."

"Must be pretty wealthy." noted Sam, glancing towards Delta. He turned his gaze from him when Delta began staring at Sam strangely.

"Indeed. She ran a company that designed weapons."

"Figures." muttered Sam, creeped out by the scientist even more.

"None of that matters" sighed WillWare, "we need to find the Emerald." He led the group inside the glass doors.

"I've been wondering" started Sakura, "why didn't these monsters escape?"

"The door doesn't open from the inside" answered RW as if talking about the weather. The door closed softly behind them. Sam suddenly felt trapped and pulled at the doors to verify RW's statement. He was correct- the doors were locked. Tell us that BEFORE we go inside raged Sam inwardly.

"Then, uh, how do we get out?" said Grace, who seemed to be sharing Sam's thoughts.

"As long as I'm with you it's fine." replied RW, "I can open the doors inside the cont-"

A scream interrupted RW. The scream mixed with the sound of a gurgle then turned silent. A triumphant, inhuman roar replaced the sound, which sent shivers down everyone's backs.

"Welcome to RW Labs" said WillWare.


Note: RWLabs' Lucretia Rogers is never mentioned again. I'm not even putting her down as a character.

Preventing Jorichi's Return Edit

Just an info about the lab for whoever needs it...

-There are multiple entrances to the dungeon, where the freaky stuff happens.

-In the dungeons there are monsters, tortured and/or experimented subjects, and cells.

-There are a few control panels.

-The lights are out.

-Most test subjects are humans (or used to be before turned into monsters).

-There are many closets full of medical supplies, flashlights, chemicals, etc.

-We just entered the laboratory

-Doors are locked.

-On top of a mountain/hill/whatever

Hopefully that's all. Note that the monsters' chemicals have stabilized over the period of 5 yrs, so they're pretty dangerous.

–RWLabs, describing the conditions

At this point there are: WillWare, Delta, Grace, LF, Sakura, Sam and RW.

As the group moved to a more central location of the laboratory, a few monsters attacked. WillWare, Delta, Grace, LF managed to repel the monsters effectively, although Sam proved somewhat defenseless. RW seemed bemused by this and simply watched. After the event, WillWare lent Sam a small dagger while RW sketched the layout of the building onto the floor with his surgeon's knife. WillWare then told everyone that they had to split up, which was initially met with a cold response by Grace, who sarcastically asked if he had his will written out. Delta then piped up and informed them that Jorichi's rites could complete any moment and staying as a group would be far too slow of an approach. To take into account of not as powerful members (notably, Sam) they decided to separate the group into threes- one to search Sectors A-I (where RW kept the monsters), one to search Sectors J-Y (where RW kept the humans) and one to search the upstairs area.

Much to Sam's disgust, he was paired with the worst placement and worst partner. Sam held a flashlight for RW as he began searching a cell in Sector A-I. They told him that he'd be the safest with the person who resided in the building for over half of his life. Creeped by the atmosphere and the nagging silence, they continued their search. Then abruptly, RW began screaming and Sam could do nothing as RW held his head and collapsed.

RW stepped into Hallishire. He felt the pains that he had known in this town, with his father. It was night, and no one was awake. RW paced down the road, letting the dark memories seep into him, reminding him of his duty here. He had given up his needs to experiment on people, but what he was doing was a necessity. He approached the local jail, then opened the doors. The police officer on guard looked up sleepily from the desk, then asked "Yes?" before RW cruelly killed him in an instant with his surgeon's knife. Soundlessly, he entered the nearest cell, then injected the occupants with a drug... He repeated the process for over a hundred inmates. When finished the last one, he whispered "follow". Then the sleeping criminals stood up, still asleep, then followed RW to a clearing. From there he opened a portal to a cave thousands of miles underground, then led the group with him. When the sun rose the dead guard and the missing inmates aroused suspicion. The search for the murderer continued for two years, but had no results. It was as if he had disappeared.

–RW's flashback #2

When RW awoke, he saw a monster behind Sam. Sam turned around, but only to be slammed against the wall by the beast. Sam's last vision before fainting was RW pushing his hand through the monster's chest.

Meanwhile, TF awoke with a person holding a blade to his neck. When commanded to stand up and referred to as a Gatekeeper, TF stood up and smacked the blade away. He then found that the person was in fact his sister, Lyra who had survived the disaster of Chaos when she was sent from Chaos. TF stood and sensed power and something eerie from the direction of RWLabs, so with vigor traveled there with Lyra. Being Gatekeepers, their expedition was expedited. They slammed open the door and soon found Delta, Grace, LF, Sakura and WillWare arguing over group placement although RW and Sam had already taken their leave. After a hasty introduction, they finally divided the groups: Delta, Grace, TF and Lyra were to search the upper floor and LF, Sakura and WillWare were to search for Sectors J-Y.

When Sam Kostka awoke, RW was carrying him whilst searching the cells. Sam asked how he was still alive, with RW replying that he did some first-aid. Sam Kostka tried to stand, but collapsed again. Then at that moment, Drone smashed through the wall. RW, suspecting that Drone was his financial supporter's spy, coldly turned him away. Sam suggested to allow Drone to join them due to better weaponry, but RW declined, saying that he had no need of weapons. Drone chose to pursue them anyways. Two hours afterwards, RW was searching a cell alone. Sam awoke when he was put down on the ground and saw that there was a dead monster in the cell. Then RW approached the corpse to ensure that it was indeed dead, when it suddenly got up and slammed RW against the wall. Sam cried out, but was too weak to interfere. RW crumbled, but instantly killed the monster by piercing its heart. Sam, amazed, inquired how RW could do that, and RW albeit annoyed at himself, told him a one word answer of 'Injections.' However, being both hurt and fatigued, RW passed out.

Subject 513 growled as it ceased feeding on the corpse of a human. It smelled life... nine of them inside the building. But two particular smells caught its attention. RW and TF. Subject 513 roared as it remembered the pain inflicted by the two and slammed the ground. Everything on the floor shook slightly. It would have revenge. Both RW and TF will be killed brutally. Afterwards it would feed on the seven other creatures. Subject 513 stood up then walked down the hallway, ready for the hunt.


As TF, Grace and Lyra were searching the upper floors, Subject 513 burst through the wall. TF barked at the others to run, and transformed into his Gatekeeper form before fighting the monster. The battle ended with TF ripping out what was left of Subject 513's inhuman heart, killing it. Although Subject 513 reincarnated almost instantaneously, it feigned death until TF backed away and turned the corner. Realizing that it was not yet strong enough to take on the Gatekeeper, Subject 513 sniffed for another target before crawling into the vents.

On a planet far away, the king of an alien race named Bonko realized that Chaos readings of the planet Twatter was far too high. He set an expedition squad and personally led the ship towards it- to bring Order to it or if necessary, destroy the planet.

Meanwhile, Drone arrived and took first aids kits out of bumfuck nowhere and healed RW. When RW awoke, he was about to attack Drone, but Sam stopped him, assuring that Drone was on their side. RW grudgingly agreed to allow Drone to travel with them, but made it carry Sam. While RW was searching another cell, he suddenly began screaming and held his head in pain. Having seen this before, Sam attempted to stabilize him...

RW stood before the laboratory he had underground. It wasn't too hard to create it- he had simply asked his financial supporter to make it. The work was done in a day. He put the prisoners into jails, then drew out many needles in front of him. He breathed slowly before he injected himself with the needles. He felt as if his blood had been replaced by acid and dark circles danced wildly in his vision. He nearly passed out, but in doing so he knew it would guarantee death. RW yelled, slammed the floor and cried as the unending agony threatened to overwhelm him. After an hour of immense pain, the pain seeped out of the body and RW wiped his sweaty forehead and steadied his breathing. However, a shivering feeling which resembled an electric shock remained with him for days. To test if his experiment was successful, RW punched the wall, satisfied to see it crumble. He was now more agile and stronger than he ever could have been. Wounds also sealed themselves over time. RW smiled shakily before he collapsed.

For years after he began his research. There was something amiss in Jorichi's death. He would need to know everything for his plan. Then on one day he had located a man named Delta Nova, who was also researching Jorichi, and attempting to bring him back from the dead. RW decided to keep an eye on this man...

–RW's flashback #3

When RW awoke, he saw Drone firing at four monsters that arrived. RW stood up silently and almost angrily killed the monsters in a flash. Drone and Sam, amazed saw that RW was clearly very dangerous and far from being normal. RW revealed that he didn't care about letting people know of his abilities anymore. Then at that moment RW sniffed the air and asked if Sam smelled anything. Smelling only dried blood like always, he answered in the negative. Suddenly, Subject 513 crashed down from the nearest ventilation system and roared in rage. RW, confident in his abilities to kill the beast, dashed at it while Drone fired. Drone's bullets proved to be ineffective, and just before RW pushed his hand into the beast's gigantic body, Subject 513 stepped aside and slashed RW vertically. RW gasped, and before he could recover, Subject 513 slammed RW with the dull side of the blade-arm, sending him sprawling on the ground with broken ribs. With one hand on his chest to slow his bleeding and and the other out holding a surgical knife, RW prepared for another attack. Subject 513 then roared so loud that RW staggered and Sam's head was filled with ringing noises, RW took this moment to dash at the monster, taking out a needle from his suitcase swiftly and swung at Subject 513 with it. Although the beast sidestepped, RW swung around and struck it with the needle, and then depressed the plunger.

RW stood triumphantly, waiting for the monster to go down, but saw that something was wrong. The monster swung around blindly in agony, but showed no signs of being killed. RW stepped back, fear in his eyes for the first time. Subject 513 whirled around and lodged one arm deep inside RW's chest, then pinned him onto the floor. RW wheezed in pain and surprise, but Subject 513 then used its other blade-arm to mercilessly stab RW with it repeatedly. RW closed his eyes as death overtook him. Subject 513 fed on RW's genetically altered blood hungrily before striking RW's corpse sideways- the body hit the wall, and cracks began to form. Then the cracks became a hole that RW's body tumbled through- letting his body fall down the cliffs he once climbed.

Sam blinked back tears and saw a knife- RW's surgical knife. He picked it up and was about to attack Subject 513 recklessly, but Drone stopped him. Both of them knew that disturbing Subject 513 feeding on RW's blood was futile and fled. Then out of bumfuck nowhere Drone developed abilities to fire lasers that could conveniently hurt Subject 513. Sam then whispered to Drone that they needed to find the others. Dashing to Sectors J-Y, they encountered LF, WillWare and Sakura and delivered the news of RW's death. Upon realizing that their only method of leaving the building was diminished, the group found it best to meet up the others and rethink their plans. LF flew them upstairs. Drone then out of bumfuck nowhere developed abilities to be omniscient and shoot missiles. They set up a impromptu camp upstairs to guard against any incoming monsters. Sam scratched out a circle on the ground and his palm, and gained powers of alchemy. For three days, this group searched for Delta, Grace, TF and Lyra. While searching, out of bumfuck nowhere Drone knew that Bonko's ship was outside. When they tried to break the door open, they failed. Then Subject 513 charged at them, breaking through the walls and creating an exit. They ran outside, and as they were doing so, Sakura was murdered by Subject 513. They met Bonko, who explained his motives and repelled Subject 513 by firing at him with a cannon. In the chaos, Sam then yelled that they had to stop Jorichi by finding the Emerald. Then the group went back inside.

Sam, enraged by the murder of RW, began training. His alchemy (different from Delta's) allowed movement of objects that he was in contact with. He may have had his disagreements with RW, but he felt a great loss from losing even a friend like him. They then encountered TF, Lyra and WillWare who were attracted by the noise caused by the skirmish from the entrance. Then they realized that Delta was missing.

Meanwhile, a guy named Turret was there. And stuff happened. But everyone picked on him because he was weird. (I'm not putting down the crazy things that occurred in Turret's posts...) Turret gave up on life and decided that the Twatter people didn't deserve anything from him. He then left the building through the hole that Subject 513 made.

Delta was brainstorming, consulting his books in a dark hallway. A small paper man crawled out of a book and informed him that the Elite Four were on their way, if not already inside. Delta cursed, knowing that when in a group the Elite Four were as bad as Subject 513- although smaller, they used tactics. He stepped outside, expecting to find TF, Lyra and WillWare but found that he was alone. He began running down the halls to warn the others about the Elite Four, but tripped, sending his scythe spinning down the hall- then it stopped. Delta slowly looked up to see Subject 513's mangled foot on the scythe.

The main group began to search for Delta, but at that moment the Elite Four entered. Sam, knowing that a fight with them would prove to be utmost unfavourable, put his hand onto the floor and caused an earthen wall to block off the Elite Four. Inconvenienced, Shades took off his sunglasses to ensure that it was intact. Commander touched the wall and the wall shattered into pieces, but the group was gone. They concluded that the Emerald had to be in Cell 513. The group was running, with WillWare explaining to Sam that the Elite Four were incredibly difficult to kill and powerful. Then they lamented the death of RW and his knowledge of the building when a person appeared from the shadows. He inquired how they knew RW, and introduced himself as Jakeri. He revealed that he survived when he ran into the vents upon seeing the first monster and closed off the food dispensary system (thus dooming any live humans in their cells) for himself. After a slow conversation, Jakeri showed that he had no idea of RW's experiments nor his death. Then after a pause, he suggested to search Cell 513, as Subject 513 was in absolute control over the laboratory. Meanwhile, out of bumfuck nowhere Drone teleported to Subject 513's cell and stole the emerald. Then Delta began running down the halls without his scythe, with Subject 513 barreling after him. Sam touched the wall and a chunk of the ceiling collapsed onto the monster. Everyone waited a moment, but nothing happened. When they removed the ceiling, nothing was under it. Jakeri volunteered to retrieve Delta's scythe and walked over there, but upon touching the scythe, Subject 513 crashed down upon him, slashing his leg. Jakeri began to crawl away and threw the scythe at Delta as WillWare shot at Subject 513's eyes. Subject 513 lapped up Jakeri's blood, and then suddenly leaped out of sight. While Drone was flying away with the Emerald, Subject 513 screeched and incapacitated Drone and took back the Emerald.

The whole group then approached Cell 513 and (too easily...) defeated Subject 513 and set up camp in there. Subject 513 revived and chose to wait until the group came out and ambush them at that moment. The Elite Four then arrived, choosing to cooperate with Subject 513 and meanwhile wondering if Jorichi was behind Subject 513's actions. (The Elite Four has no blood thus Subject 513 has no reason to attack) The next morning when the group come out, they (again, too easily) defeat Subject 513 and the Elite Four are nowhere in sight (for some reason?) and the group goes outside. This part makes little sense, so I'll allow RWLabs to resolve it for me.

"What's this?" inquired Shades, nearing a bloody corpse. It had once belonged to a woman.

Commander growled, then said, "Yes this place is it."

"You had to have a good reason to leave Subject 513 alone outside that cell- I thought we were going to ambush them!" pointed out another spirit.

"I felt something... powerful." replied Commander, as he searched the body of Sakura. Subject 513 had left just enough blood and flesh for a close friend to recognize her. The spirits gasped as he drew a bloody white stone- the Emerald of the Gods (Sakura had it, remember?).

Commander smirked before pocketing the item. Then they disappeared into the darkness.

–RWLabs, resolving the weird turn of the plot

It was quite noticeable how far the corruption around the Sword of Sacrifice had spread. It could be clearly seen from the exit of RWlabs (the spirits can go through walls, but it costs them a lot of time and effort to pull such a thing off, but they did it to get out of RWlabs more easily). The Sword itself seemed to have settled more deeply into the ground, it was clear this corruption had been spreading way faster then expected.

The Elite Four went straight to their master's vessel with their newly obtained Emerald of Gods. On their way here they noticed how far the Corruption has spread across the already dark and dense forest. The swamp-ish fog combined with the fog emitted by the corruption made even the elite four feel uneasy.

(Small note; It's incredibly hard to navigate in this area as it has been incredibly affected by the corruption. Wildlife and plants become way more hostile towards anyone. Plus the fog emitted by the corruption makes anyone feel weaker. Screams of pain and agony will fill your head while cries of help make your ears bleed. Yes, it's pure horror. But I'm also not saying you can't go in here, you'll just be at a severe disadvantage.)

The Commander signaled Shadow to hand over the Emerald as they gazed upon the sword from up close. Shadow quickly followed his orders and handed it over. The Commander held the Emerald of Gods up high as he walked towards the giant sword, which reflected the moonlight onto him. The Emerald started to shiver and shake violently in his hands, but the Commander wasn't scared. It was very likely he knew what would happen. A sudden loud bang sounded from a crack of light that appeared on the base of the blade. The light gave off a high frequency sound which got higher and more painful to the ears as the crack grew larger and larger. Suddenly another, louder bang caused the crack to gave away, revealing an opening as the light disappeared.

A bloody hand grabbed the edge of the hole from within, soon to be followed by a man in a black cloak covered with blood around the hood. At this point it was clear that Jorichi had finally completed his resurrection. He stepped out of the hole in the sword, looking at his hands as if he couldn't believe these sorts of powers were available to him.

"Master?" The Commander said to get his attention. As Jorichi look over to him, the Commander and the other spirits quickly kneeled and bowed their heads in respect.

The dark and cold voice of Jorichi echoed through their heads as he said: "I knew I could trust you four.".

That was a sign of approval which Jorichi hardly ever gave to his minions. They couldn't wish for anything more, they were accepted.

"Unfortunately, this conflict has yet to be 'resolved'.". The last word that came out of his mouth felt so dark and unnerving, it was clear Jorichi had changed.

"I know Master." The Commander replied "But time hasn't been on our side either." Jorichi didn't frown or react in any other way to this form of bad news. The Commander continued: "The group that LF is with has grown, not only in members, but in strengths as well.". "So it seems..." Jorichi answered, as if he wasn't listening.

Jorichi closed in on the Elite Four, the blood on his clothes and the hole in his hood vanished as a quick pulse of bright white light passed it.

"I have waited for this for many years. I want to finish this and fast. As expected from you guys, you managed to get an emerald, which will give us a head start, as it is The Emerald of Gods." Jorichi took the emerald from the Commander and made it vanish in his hands, keeping it safe within himself. "I will not accept any set back from now on. No matter who you face, if they stand in your way... kill them.". Once more the shivers shot through the four spirits. It was not that they were afraid to fight or kill, it was his voice.

The Commander couldn't help but thing: 'This magic, this voice. Has he revived himself to blend the power of both Chaos AND Order?! His mind must be highly unstable now... How is he able to harvest both those forms of magic?'

"I know what you are thinking..." Jorichi said to the Commander. The Commander flinched: 'Can he read my mind?!'

"I too hate the conflict of Chaos and Order. But balance is something that won't exist without them. My parents died for Chaos, they defended themselves from Order. I can no longer wait and see how these two will murder each other until one becomes completely extinct. I will become the one that will permanently separate them from each other. And I will do so by any means necessary! With perfect balance in both Chaos and Order, I will be able to banish each to their respective realms. But Twatter, twatter must fall!" During Jorichi's 'speech' the light of the moon got blocked by dark clouds and rain started to fall, you could barely see anything in the forest now.

The Elite Four knew that Jorichi was already pulling a lot of strings within Twatter to bring it down (For example: RW labs, Jorichi had been quite the influence on RW's 'madness'). But that didn't mean that they could just sit there and wait it out. For Jorichi to complete his plan he would need all the emeralds in order to get both Chaos and Order to be banished to their realms, only then Twatter could be completely wiped out.

The Elite Four stood up, to receive the orders from their Master.

"One of the Spirits spilled info that there might be a Yellow Emerald held by a young man by the name of 'Delta Nova'. I suggest you find him and bring me the emerald."

"What will we do with this Delta?" Shades questioned.

"He's from Twatter, kill him if you must, he won't be a loss." Jorichi replied coldly.

"Yes, Master.".

"I suggest you use that subject 513 to your advantage." Jorichi said as he walked into the dense forest. Fog of the swamp and corruption made him vanish from the field of vision quickly. They didn't know what Jorichi himself was going to do now, but there was no time to question it, they had received their mission.

–Jorichi, I'm not summarizing this piece of awesome writing, are you crazy?

'Diminuendo' Edit

Having found the Emerald, the group prepared to leave through the hole that Subject 513 had made. Jakeri was the last to leave and looked behind him almost sadly. He said his goodbyes and turned around. At that moment, LF saw Subject 513 appear from the darkness. Before he could shout a warning, multiple cuts appeared on Jakeri, and everyone knew that no amount of medicine or magic could bring him back. Bonko, in shock fired a cannon at Subject 513, but it repaired its wounds within moments to Bonko's surprise. Subject 513 dragged Jakeri's remains with him to feed and vanished.

Then, an encounter that I won't edit out occurred.

Jorichi waited in the forest. The night had arrived with the darkness and Jorichi could feel the power of the wildlife around him. A bone-chilling howl of a wolf slashed through the air. Jorichi smirked, then wondered what was happening in the labs, to LF's group and to Subject 513.

Strained sounds footsteps drew Jorichi's attention. He stood then glared into the fog which had descended upon them. The dark figure in the fog was... a human. How was it possible that the human was not suffering, Jorichi did not know. But something within the darkest parts of his mind made a connection with the shadow in the fog... The shadow neared and became a human. Someone that Jorichi had seen before. Never interacted with more than once. But Jorichi doubtlessly knew who it was. The lurking figure backed slowly, having recognized Jorichi. It retraced its steps back into the shadows before scurrying out of Jorichi's sight.

As dawn drew, the rays of the day broke through the darkness. The dark figure was nowhere to be seen.


Jorichi calmly walked into the general direction the human shadow scurried off to and started talking: "It has been a long time my friend...".

He kept silent, waiting for a possible answer. Without any response he continued: "I'm quite surprised to see you alive, I have no choice but to respect that. Especially what you have been through...".

Again he kept silent, maybe the person wanted to talk now.

All Jorichi knew that this had to be one of the people Jorichi had influence on, otherwise they wouldn't be standing within the corrupted forest. He had a hunch who it could be, but he was skeptical to actually find him alive and in the forest.

"I wish to talk to you. And I bet you want to as well. I mean you no harm." With Jorichi's voice this sounded a bit dark and thus sarcastic, but he was actually speaking the truth. After all, he had no intentions or need to kill this person and Jorichi himself saw himself as a God now, an immortal. "I made your life a living hell, but I have my reasons why I had to." Jorichi kept talking, even though it felt like he was talking to himself now.

But then a faint smell of fresh blood caught his attention, the person was hiding somewhere...


The figure in the fog slowly began his speech. "Yes, I sensed that you were within proximity of where I had woken up. I needed to find you, despite my weakness."

Jorichi inferred the shadow's location by listening to him as he continued.

"You see, when you first encountered me many years ago, I thought that I had lost everything. But over the years, I realized... that what you have given me... was... a gift."

Jorichi finally came close enough to identify the man.

"Allow me to tell you everything that had happened to me over the past five years..." started the man.


Then by morning the man was gone. Then a spirit approached Jorichi to inform him that a man named Turret was just outside the fog. Jorichi, in knowledge of this, waited for Turret to enter the fog and shot an orb of light at him, intentionally missing him. Turret, bleeding from his ears and wobbling on his feet, approached Jorichi and asked for his help to get revenge on the Twatter people. Jorichi agreed to work with him if Turret could be trusted- so he proposed that Turret should either steal an Emerald, bring Subject 513 alive or bring anyone in the group. All these tasks appeared impossible, but wishing to win over Jorichi's trust, Turret agreed and left.

The Elite Four approached the laboratory, but saw that Bonko's ship was there instead. So they snuck into the ship and kidnapped Bonko, dragging him to Jorichi. Bonko, when asked of his intentions, replied that he wished to bring Order to the planet, and that he would destroy it if need be. Jorichi in turn replied that he wished to destroy Twatter, the middle ground, to completely separate Chaos and Order. Bonko, seeing that Jorichi wasn't pure evil, replied by saying that he was here to bring order, one way or another. He also suggested the usage of Biogenic Poison- a poison that infected anyone by touch. Upon seeing the merits of cooperation, Jorichi sent the Elite Four along with Bonko, saying that they would be Bonko's soldiers but also Jorichi's spies.

At this moment, Drone, WillWare and Sam chose to take a break from the action. WillWare knew that Sam certainly needed some time apart, as the death of RW began to take a larger toll on Sam- he became bitter and angry. Also, Sam was the youngest person in the group and had the least experience with the madness. Then, Drone shut off for some reason so WillWare and Sam continued on their way. WillWare, in possession of the Purple Emerald from Cell 513, walked towards the fog of corruption- and saw that the fog split around WillWare's Emerald. Then out of bumfuck nowhere Drone appeared and shot Sam's leg off. WillWare carried Sam and ran until he saw a cave behind a waterfall and entered it. It was a perfect place to hide and recuperate.

Meanwhile, LF detached from the main group outside Bonko's ship and decided to visit WillWare and Sam in the forest, but was intercepted by Turret who saw this golden chance. He puts LF to sleep by [for the sake of realism, let's say tranquilizer] and locks him in a cage. Turret, however, was unaware that LF also had the Emerald of Order...

After the chaos settled at the main group, they realized that Lyra was absent. TF ran into the building again madly for his sister and began to search. Then he heard Lyra's screams and sprinted towards it- but saw nothing in the room from which the screams were being emitted from. During this moment of confusion, Subject 513 came from the darkness and ambushed TF, splattering blood onto the floor. Subject 513 ravenously slurped the blood and before TF could attack it, vanished- its goal being achieved. TF, wounded stumbled outside to Delta and Grace's camp. TF collapsed and Delta brew a potion with his remaining supplies to solidify Gatekeeper blood and applied small amount to the wound- TF screamed in pain, but was healed albeit weakened. When night fell, TF began strutting frantically to Delta and Grace's anxiety. In annoyance, TF crushed a firewood like a can, prompting Grace to shout at TF to calm down. This sparked a small argument, but Delta resolved it by charting out where Lyra, WillWare and Sam could be (WillWare and Sam were gone for longer than they expected). Then suddenly, Subject 513 burst through the wall with newfound power of TF's blood, causing Delta, Lyra and WillWare to draw their weapons. TF commanded them to run, which Delta (grudgingly) and Grace (happily) obeyed. However, this time, Subject 513 proved far too powerful for the Gatekeeper, and was slain. Bonko, seeing how beastly this monster became, ordered launch-off as quickly as possible to retrieve Biogenic Poison from his home planet.

While fleeing from the beast, Delta and Grace saw a hooded figure walking where Delta and Grace were running from. In shock, Delta identified the man as Jorichi (recall that they shared a mind-connection of sorts) and secretly followed him. Jorichi approached Subject 513 in abject rage as the monster fed on his brother's blood hungrily. Subject 513 looked up, hunger for Jorichi's blood. What followed was a Dragonball scale of an epic fight written by Jorichi, but since it's too long for the synopsis... After fighting crazily, Subject 513 realized that Jorichi did not bleed, and white and black tentacles of energy sprang from the cuts instead. Jorichi coldly stated that Subject 513 could have had his blood had Subject 513 behaved. With mad craze for the most powerful being on Twatter's blood Subject 513 partially underwent Gatekeeper change (the ability being in the blood) and dashed at Jorichi... drawing blood from Jorichi's eye. It rapidly began to feed on it, then began to twitch from the change in power. Delta saw this and realized that Subject 513 would be virtually unstoppable if left untouched. He drew the last portion of the potion he brewed for TF that could stop Gatekeeper blood and shouted at Jorichi to hold the monster's mouth open. Jorichi was surprised but obeyed, and Delta poured the potion in. He knew that it would take fifteen minutes for the potion to take full effect, and saw Subject 513 look onto the floor- more than enough of Jorichi's blood was there to overcome the effects of the potion. Delta closed his eyes and rammed his scythe into Subject 513 and fell with it down the cliff. Grace shouted and ran towards the falling Delta, but Jorichi held her back.

The Epilogue Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter is the 'deadliest' chapter due to the number of deaths in the story (RW [25 times!], Thunderflipper, Jorichi, The Elite Four, Delta Nova, Subject 513, Jakeri, Ice Shard and Sakura)
  • Drone was supposed to meet TF, Lyra, Delta and Grace in a control room, but instead he chose to meet RW in dungeon... for some reason.
  • You may notice that Sector Z isn't present (A-I for monsters and J-Y for humans). No one ever mentioned what happened there, so we can only speculate.
  • A somewhat unsatisfactory ending was written by Drone first, but Jorichi intercepted it and presented the awesomeness that is the current accepted ending. Due to his spectacular writing, Jorichi was unofficially signed the 'starter' and 'ender' of chapters.
  • Sakura was killed off by Drone due to her inactivity, leading to the first occasion in which another forum member killed another forum member's character without consent. The second time occurred when Drone killed off Jorichi's character: Amy in Chapter 3.
  • With RW, Pyro and Rokit Boy, this chapter sported the most scientists in all chapters.
  • With Sakura, Queen of Twatter (although very briefly), Lyra and Grace, this chapter had the most female characters out of all others.
  • WillWare's comment that RW was no different from Subject 513 is surprisingly accurate. Both later gained abilities of reincarnation, trickery (Subject 513 mimicked Lyra's scream), strength, dexterity and speed. Both also betrayed their original side (Subject 513 betrayed Jorichi by murdering TF). Also, based on RW is immunity to the fog of corruption, we can see that both of them had their humanity taken by someone else.
  • This chapter has the most chapter summaries, owing to the rather erratic nature of the storyline and the explosion of characters.
  • Popcan italicized and reddened all of his texts. For some reason...
  • Jorichi killed off RW and Subject 513, but with RWLabs' consent. Similar for Drone killing off Jorichi.
  • Apparently, RWLabs killed off Jakeri because he found the character boring.
  • Literally all of RWLabs' and Jorichi's characters were killed in this chapter.
  • The chapter almost prematurely ended due to Bonko. In one post he made Subject 513's assault meaningless and made the Elite Four disappear as well as making everyone board Bonko's ship and leave the planet, dooming Twatter. Thus RWLabs had to resolve this by saying that the Elite Four went away for the White Emerald, as well as argue against the ending.
But... how about Jorichi's spell/curse? The elite 4? Illusions? The return of Jorichi? The fact that we left Twatter so that Jorichi can do whatever the hell he wants? Stopping Jorichi?

–RWLabs, when Bonko tried to end the story

  • Sam Kostka admitted to basing his character on Edward Elric the Full Metal Alchemist. He also noted that it was happening even more so unintentionally when Drone shot off Sam's leg and he had to replace it with a metallic one.
  • RWLabs admitted to basing the amnesia element off the game... Amnesia.
  • WillWare added the character of Grace after a debate of adding a gay romance proposed by Lawnboy (likely as a joke in reference to Sakura's post from Chapter 1). How relevant the two events are is up to debate.

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Are you wondering why the synopsis is a bit different from how you remember Twatter Story? It's because of the following reasons.

Horrible Grammar Edit

Grammar helps us communicate better. In that regard, one particular user made it almost impossible for me to write a synopsis of the story in his posts.

Prime Offender: Drone.

It is extremely difficult to read what Drone has contributed to the story, so there may be inaccuracies in that regard. Before you blame me, seriously, look at this. LOOK AT IT. He goes against all the English lessons I had in my entire life, like some sort of Grammar Antichrist. I bet the Grammar Nazis of the forum hated him...

as will and sam came back to the lab that had begun to be overgrown by the corruption enshrouded in fog, the same figure that nearly killed turret was now following them. sam and will began to hear clanking footsteps and turned around out of paranoia, and saw a shadowy figure. they made out the sillouet as drone. sam with relief said "Thank god you`re alri-." he was then interrupted by a question of drone`s "How would you like to join RW?"Sam shocked and confused at the question exclaimed "WHAT!?" drone then quickly shot his beam in an instant hitting sam`s leg splitting his leg`s atom composition until his leg was completely gone with the wound left gushing blood.He was shocked at his leg missing and the pool of his own blood. many thoughts were running through his head."why did i even trust him.","why did he do this?","what was he thinking!?","what is wrong with him!?".meanwhile he was in shock fading in and out of conciousness, will quickly nearly by instinct sped into action. he tied a strong torniquet on the wound, will then carried sam, and ran away further into the corrupted area in the lab as quickly as possible, as he was scared of his and sam`s safety being threatened.They stopped to take a rest in a cell with a candle lit inside, it was the only light visible through the dense foliage and fog.all this for the remaining two gems.before they slept, they questioned the event that had just happened they slept with hopes of figuring it out.


(hey guys, here's the proper way to "do dialogue".

"Hey man, what's up?" he said, a grin on his face.

"Not much, bruh," the man replied.

Notice how each sentence gets its own line.)

–Lawnboy, in latter chapters

"(@drone36 Seriously drone, write better. I haven't been reading your posts because they're hard to read)"




"I concur, RWLabs"


–Lightningfire, RWLabs, Jorichi, now stop blaming me

VERDICT: I had to skim through the main points of his posts or try to connect the dots between. Seriously, I like my eyes when they don't bleed, thank you.

Overpowered (OP) Edit

In this chapter, a few characters decided to make themselves so powerful that they were essentially Supermen in a room full of handicapped children. Or they choose to make the other characters about as weak as such. Being this way can be good- (for example, Jorichi) if it benefits the plot for it. Jorichi was overpowered because it forced the characters to stick together, and in fact was defeated.

Prime Offender: Drone (again?).

I may seem like I'm giving Drone a hard time, but I have my reasons.

"(carrying on with storyline. . ) after the hellish pact drone was forced agree to he then processed to himself,“I could easily eliminate the residents of the planet, 513 will be a struggle most-likely.” he carried on following the noises towards 513. On the way there he picked up a sturdy chain of fair length. as he saw the beast eating a rotting corpse, he was destracted. i quickly made a mad dash towards the beast, jumped and lashed out quick painful blows to the beast in the back with the chain.513 responded by attempting to slice me to ward me off. i quickly calculate the velocity and trajectory of his blows while simultaniously entangling the beast in chain. i then miscalculated, and he thrashed a devistating blow that sent me through 6 concrete lab walls and left me under a pile of rubble. i then got up and chuckled darkly,“you will be of use to me yet”, not a scratch to be seen on me but a bit of dust on my suit. i then sped to finish entangling the beast as he kept lashing blows in a blind anger. i then jumped upon the back of the beast and took the steel chains in my hands, and just as one would a horse.I then guided it to where i had seen bonko`s ship land in hope of stealing the emeralds from jorichi. i then faded into the darkness riding the beast with un-matched strength. (he didn`t bother to slice me much as he didnt smell my body having any blood + the more power he gets, the more he attacks in a blind rage.)"


"Isn't that kinda OP? Slamming through 6 walls, and not a scratch? Being able to RIDE 513?! He could have easily broken the chains!"


"(Drone, 513 will kick your ass, you can't ride him. You're a threat to him, and he knows it.)"

-Sam Kostka

"We should disregaurd it. Drone, way to OP."


"(Note to Drone: 513 won't bother you as long as you're not a threat or annoyance to it. That doesn't mean it'll instantly stop attacking once you stop moving- it's intelligent (not stupid enough to be ridden like horse, say.) and will likely want to make sure that you won't threaten it again. Ok, granted it has no idea how a robot works.)"


–People in regards to an occasion

...So you won't go 'Oh I also have a rocket launcher and shoot you ass to pieces' half way in the story.

–Jorichi, In reference to Drone 'getting upgrades' to be able to beat everything much.

"Jorichi turned pale in fear and pleaded"

–Drone, despite the fact that Drone can't hurt Jorichi who is half god.

(I was hoping the Elite Four would be more of a challenge as 513 was, so that's a bit of an anti-climax. They shouldn't be able to transform into one either...)

–Jorichi, after Drone kills off the Elite Four anticlimactically

(Just because it's possible to kill you doesn't mean you aren't overpowered.)

–Pyrosaur, to Drone when Drone argued that because he could die by being thrown into almost impossible scenarios that his character wasn't OP.

He made himself the most powerful character in the story that was invincible and omniscient (for instance, he knows to cut Sam's circle despite not knowing that he should) as an add-on. Because of this, no one else fought Jorichi. However, since this is the accepted storyline, we can only agree with this.

Minor Offender: Bonko.

And as I said before, stay away from the 'OP' section (don't try to argue otherwise. Being able to destroy the planet by pressing a button is OP).)

–RWLabs, when Bonko tried to destroy a planet in 2 hours.

This was the only time when he crossed the border; he has advocated non-OPness afterwards and kept the lines straight. Good on you, Bonko.

Acceptably Overpowered Characters Edit

You may be thinking that some characters are overpowered and yet aren't on that list. That's because some characters are better left overpowered. In defense of...

  • Jorichi: He was the main villian who orchestrated the two Chapter's events. If his character were weak, the story would be boring.
  • Elite Four: Same reasons as Jorichi.
  • RW: As he puts it,
Before you say "that's OP", RW has 20 lives (about to turn into 19) and he's been pretty much killed by half the characters in the story.


  • Subject 513: He gets stronger with more blood, especially those of Gatekeepers. It's also able to be defeated (but not permenantly killed of course) by numerous characters, and repelled effectively by even more.
  • Sam Kostka: People actually argued that he was overpowered. I'll allow Pyro to explain further.
Not to mention Sam was everyone's bitch for the first half of chapter 2, getting his ass saved on numerous occasions. He sort of deserves to actually be able to do something useful. Goddamn it's hard to type. I underestimated the enormity of my Cookie Monster mug and now all of my bodily fluids are pure caffeine.

–Pyro, regarding Sam's "OPness"

  • Thunderflipper: Brother of the most powerful being in Twatter, and gradually begins to lose the edge against Subject 513 as it grows more powerful.

Also kindly notice that out of these six characters, five of them ended up deader than a headless zombie. It's also worth mentioning that Drone's character lived on.

VERDICT: Where agreed, these were excerpted. I'd personally like to remove all the unacceptable overpowering, but that's for my own personal version.

Plain Bad Writing Edit


Because too many of Turret's first half of posts fit here, I won't even bother. Just imagine snorting acid and writing the story while watching some Japanese television ads. Although yes, he did improve greatly towards the end of the chapter. Kudos to you for that.

VERDICT: Remove all of the random ones entirely from the story, keep the relevant ones.

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