Parallax scrolling, because it makes everything sexy.

Custom Backgrounds are a Level Flag in Mari0. They show up behind the level, with parallax scrolling if there are multiple layers.

Usage Edit

Simply place any .png image in the "backgrounds" folder in your mappack. To add multiple layers, add incrementing numbers starting with 1 to the end of each image name. The higher the number, the lower the layer, and the further away it is from the level. If there are any places where the background is transparent, the background color will show through it.

Backgrounds can be any size, but the normal screen size is 400x224.

Some older versions require numbers at the end of the title, even if it's only one layer.

Foregrounds Edit

Foregrounds are exactly the same as backgrounds, even using the same pool in the same directory. As the name suggests, they are not only rendered above the level, but HUD text as well, meaning they can block vital information if not used carefully.

Pre-SE Edit

Adding backgrounds worked very differently in previous versions. To add one, the image name must be the same as the level (including the sublevel) with background added to the end (i.e. For 1-1, you would name it "1-1background1.png"). To add multiple layers, increase the number at the end.

Additionally, you can omit the level (i.e. "background1.png") to replace the default background. Note that aside from the default background, you cannot use the same background more than once; instead, you have to make a copy.

Backgrounds should be placed in the same directory as the levels themselves.

Version History Edit

  • Mari0: SE Beta 1: Changed to use a folder, foregrounds added.
  • Mari0 1.5: Introduced.

Further Reading Edit