"There’s also a certain light-blue mythical creature as a character, but it isn’t in the gif."

Custom characters are a feature in Mari0: SE. They allow the player even more customization than hats alone, giving them the ability to change even the base sprite for the player.

Composition Edit

They are composed of multiple spritesheets, each spritesheet being a different color. As such, pure white is most often used, but other colors can be used to modify the base color, such as for shading.

For the bare minimum, you just need a sprite sheet for small and big mario (animations1 and biganimations1), and a valid config.txt. To make a portal gun, you need sprite sheets for the character without a portal gun (nogunanimations1 and nogunbiganimations1), and the normal animations will become the sprite for the character with the portal gun. Please note that the game will crash if you try to give a character without customizable colors hat #1, because it is colored to match animations1. Leaving animations1 blank and using animations0 or animations2 as your character sheet will essentially fix the crash.

Figuring out config.txt Edit


Customizable Colors Edit


An example of animations1.png, given a black background for easier viewing.

  • First, add "BAK" to the end of your current sprite sheets.
  • Then, in a new file, isolate each color for your character, and put each in a separate sprite sheet, naming them "animationsX" starting from 1.
  • Be sure to make everything white, though greys can be used for shading.
  • "animations0" is not colorable, is rendered above hats, and is mostly used for portal guns.
  • "animationsdot" is colored the same as the player's chosen portal color.
  • Black pixels will remain black, no matter how they're colored in-game; thus, small, uncolorable areas of black can be placed in other layers.

Character Properties Edit

Character properties allow you to change the mechanics of your character by adding in the appropriate text ("property": true) anywhere in the character's conig.txt file.


Raccoon, the character showcasing the new Property.

There are three in total:

  • Raccoon Mario: Functions like the powerup from Super Mario Bros. 3, having abilities such as flying, tail swinging, and falling slowly. "raccoonmario"
  • Double Jump: Lets the character jump twice. "dbljmppls"
  • Pegasus: Lets the character jump indefinitely, overriding Double Jump. It was removed in beta 9. "pegasus"

Skins Edit

Skins are type of custom character characterized by being simply a set of default colors and hats for an existing character. Making them is simple, just change the default hat and colors to the desired values in the config.txt, and change its name. There aren't many examples, as posting them online is considered bad form.

List of Notable Custom Characters Edit

  • Mario - Included in the game by default
  • Chell - Included in the game by default
  • Raccoon - Included in the game by default
  • Rainbow Dash - Included in the game by default
  • Quote - Included in the game by default
  • Dinosaur - Used as the example character for this page

Further Reading Edit

Custom Character thread

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