entities.png in Mari0 1.6.


entities.png in SE beta 9

An entity is a major object in Mari0 that the player interacts with. Unlike a tile, entities have AI of their own; most of them move or change in some way. In Mari0: Special Edition, enemies and entities have different tabs, and are considered separate, and most directional entities are combined. There are a few more entities, as well.

How to useEdit

Entities can be placed in the editor; they are found under "Tiles > Entities." To place one, select it and place it as you would a tile. Tiles and entities frequently overlap. Each entity is used differently; for more information, please refer to that entity's wiki page.

To erase an entity, select the fourth entity under Misc and place it on the entity you wish to erase.

List of EntitiesEdit

Alternatively, you can check this page for a list of entities with pages.

SMB StuffEdit

Portal ElementsEdit


Level MarkersEdit

I/O ObjectsEdit


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