Ice Shard is a Pegasus with the ability to control ice. He was introduced in Chapter 2 by Thuderflipper before perishing soon after.

General Edit

Ice Shard
Character Bio
Birthplace Fillydelphia
Status Deceased
Last Seen Outside RWLabs
Other attributes
Weapons Can temporarily freeze foes, cause it to snow, create Ice, Throw Ice shards at foes.
Special Skills None
Controlled by Thunderflipper

Ice Shard is LightningFire's older brother who likes to spar with LF sometimes.

Chapter 2 Edit

While Turret was in pursuit of LF's Green Emerald of Order, Ice Shard arrived and froze LF. This caused LF to be possessed by the Emerald temporarily to activate his fire powers. At this moment LF almost killed his brother with his powers, but was stopped when Turret stole LF's Emerald- making LF come to his senses. While Turret with the power of randomness chased LF with a homing old woman on a couch, LF and Ice Shard flew to the laboratory, causing Turret to crash into it. LF incapacitated Turret and woke up with his brother, in the cell where WillWare had been. Then when they walked outside there was Bonko, with a ray gun full of Biogenic Poison. Ice Shard shot out a freezing ray, getting Bonko's leg, but Bonko replied by shooting Ice Shard with the green poison before escaping. When Ice Shard and LF chased the ship down, Ice Shard used his last remaining strength to ram into the ship before dying.

Trivia Edit

  • Both of Thunderflipper's characters are related to a Gatekeeper.
  • Ice Shard was the first pony to be killed in the series.
  • Storywise, he lasted the shortest amount of time (less than a few hours), but page-wise, he still survived longer than Jakeri.

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