JohnHOne is a forum member. He joined on July 14, 2014.

The Legacy of JohnHOne Edit

JohnHOne's legacy was largely negative, as he seemed oblivious to various norms and customs, as well as taking any criticism very poorly.

When JohnHOne first joined the forums, he presented his first mod: the More Loading Screen Text Mod, which was praised by Alesan99[1]. The thread received 12 replies, 9 of them from John himself, and was here where he created the forum's first sextuple post.

John then went on to make posts requesting features for Mari0, and making suggestions for Maurice such as porting Mari0 to the SNES[2]. (John seemed oblivious to the fact that this would take more time to complete than just simply making a direct port of Mari0 to smartphones.)

Then, on November 14, 2014, JohnHOne presented the best mod ever, Mari0: Premium Edition. This mod introduces several new features to Mari0 SE, less than half of which were coded by John himself[3]. The first reply to the thread was made by JohnHOne's soon-to-be arch-nemesis, Squidish. He and Alesan99 criticized the thread for being unnecessarily negative (at the time it was called Mari0: UGLY EDITION) and the mod for being nonfunctional. With the help of Alesan99 [4], JohnHOne made his thread "normal".

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