Level end entities are simply entities whose sole purpose is to end a level. Animations and Warp Pipes can end levels, but have other uses as well.

Flagpoles Edit

Flag in game

Flagpoles or Flags are an entity that creates a trigger from 8 blocks above and everything below it. Everything else is an invisible wall.

The animation consists of the player sliding down the pole, bringing the flag with them. Once they reach the bottom, they start walking for 6 blocks or until they hit a solid object, where the player disappears. It waits while the timer counts down and fireworks are launched, if applicable, then it loads the next level.

Axes Edit

Axe in game

Axes are very much like flagpoles, but the trigger is only one block and the animation is very different. Axes stop the screen from scrolling past until they are touched, and prevent the player from firing Portals if they are to the right of the axe. This behavior was previously used in 1.6 to keep players from using the Portal Gun, but is no longer useful with the Portalgun: None Level Flag. They are ostensibly for Bowser fights, but are by no means limited to them.

The animation for all worlds but 8 starts with breaking every bridge block to the left of the entity while suspending Bowser. After all bridge blocks are destroyed, Bowser falls, be it into a pit or not. The player then walks until reaching Toad, who utters the iconic "Our princess is in another castle!" line, and the next level is loaded.

The animation for world 8 is different in that Peach is met rather than Toad. She instructs the player to "Push button B to play as Steve", a reference to the Minecraft cheat, which was removed in Mari0: SE. The mappack then ends and the main menu is loaded.

Trivia Edit

  • In the latest SE beta (9), Toad will refer to the player by name, but Peach will always call them "Mario".

Gallery Edit

  • A flagpole in the editor.
  • An axe in the level editor (does not require Bowser).
  • Toad.
  • Peach (note that she calls the player "Mario").

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