Level flags

Where you can find them. Note that the default background colors have been modified.

Level Flags are options that adjust the properties of levels in Mari0.  They can all be found in the Main section of the level editor.

List of Level FlagsEdit

  • Background Color - What color the background will be. You can use either the default ones or use RGB sliders to make your own.
  • Music - The background music that will play in the level.
  • Spriteset - The spriteset various entities, such as Enemies and Coin Blocks, will use.
  • Timelimit - The amount of in-game seconds until the player dies. There are 2.5 in-game seconds in one real-life second.
  • Portalgun - Which portals the player can fire.  If none, it uses the nogun sprites for the player.
  • Intermission - The player will walk to right until they somehow leave the level.
  • Warpzone Text - When the player sees the rightmost block in the level, WELCOME TO WARP ZONE will appear with World numbers over any Warp Pipe entities.
  • Underwater - Allows the player to swim in the level.
  • Bonus Stage - The player starts on a Vine, and falling in a pit will send the player back to the main sublevel.
  • Background - Which Custom Background to display.  If unchecked, it will be a solid color.
  • Foreground - Which Custom Foreground to display.  If unchecked, it will be transparent.
  • Levelscreen - Which Custom Levelscreen to display at the start of the level and the game over screen.  If unchecked, it will be solid black.

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