Mari0 Teaser Trailer - Mario Portals

Mari0 Teaser Trailer - Mario Portals

Mari0 Teaser Trailer

Mari0 Title Screen

Mari0 title screen.

Mari0 is an open source fan-made video game that combines elements of the video games Super Mario Bros. and Portal. The game was made by Maurice, who had previously worked on Not Tetris 2. The game was in development for some time, and was released on March 3rd, 2012. It is the only game to be updated, with 7 updates.

The 1.6 version contains 19631 lines of code, 3446 empty lines and 872 lines of comments spread accross 79 .lua files. It also contains 226 .png and 1 .gif (The .gif is the icon), 46 .ogg (Sounds & Music) and 26 .frag (Shaders).

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Two genre defining games from completely different eras: Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Valve's Portal. These two games managed to give Platformers and First-Person Puzzle Games a solid place in the video game world. But what if Nintendo teamed up with Valve and recreated the famous Mario game with Portal gun mechanics?

A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros. with a focus on perfectly imitating the feel the 1985 classic gave us. Then give Mario a portal gun, add puzzle game mechanics from Portal and there you go. And if that wasn't crazy enough, play 4-player coop, with everyone having their own Portal gun!



Mari0 plays almost exactly the same as Super Mario Bros., with the major differences being the portal elements and the level editor, which allows people to make entirely custom mappacks.


Mari0 began as a simple clone of Super Mario Bros.. After some development, Maurice started brainstorming ideas for a "twist" like Not Tetris 2's, such as making it an HD remake, or giving it online multiplayer. Then, he saw a Dorkly video called Mario With A Portal Gun and decided he would make that.[1] He started developing it in January 2011, keeping followers up to date with blog posts.

A beta version of the game was given to the winners of the Mari0 Beta art contest.[2] Judging from future updates, it was missing several things, such as mazes, Bullet Bill zones, falling platforms, some of the Super Mario Bros. levels, all of the cheats, drains, and the ending.

The Puzzle

The final release date was posted as a puzzle, and it was quickly decoded to reveal March 3rd, 2012. An accompanying count-down timer was then placed on The game was finished 3 hours before the counter was finished.[3]


1.1 to 1.4

The first four updates to the game were released mere days after the inital release and fixed several bugs.[4][5][6][7]


Added custom backgrounds and custom music. Acid Trip, The Lost Levels, and The Untitled Game were added as DLC.[8]


Fixed problems with 1.5 and added A Portal Tribute as DLC.[9] Additionally, all of the DLC mappacks come pre-packaged with this version, instead of being retrieved from servers (although the game still checks for new DLC). Currently, this is the version downloadable on


Makes the game compatible with Löve 0.10.X, with no other changes. It was quietly released to GitHub on December 20th, 2016, and can be viewed here. There has also been 4 commits since this release, but they have no effect on the game itself.


Due to being the most popular game, and debatably the most popular Löve game, Mari0 has had two follow-up projects.

Mari0: SE (canceled)

Main article: Mari0: Special Edition

Mari0: Special Edition was a large update announced a couple weeks after 1.6 was released. However, due to the incredibly large number of changes, Mari0: SE is somewhat considered a separate game entirely, albeit still making 1.6 obsolete. It was canceled in 2015, and is only available through its public beta, released in 2014.

3DS rewrite / Mari0 2 / Mari3

Main article: Mari0 2

A potential sequel to Mari0 based off Super Mario Bros. 3. It is currently in active development, though a full game release has not been confirmed at the current time.