Mari0 2 (also known as Mari3) is a complete rewrite of Mari0 with new features and a more optimized codebase. It is currently in progress and very early in development; you can follow the game's development on the official Twitch page.

The game began as a 3DS rewrite of Mari0 1.6, but is now an entirely new sequel based on Super Mario Bros. 3, with no plans for 3DS support. At this time, Maurice only plans to make a prototype, and has not confirmed if he will make a full game.

Description on Twitch Edit

Mari0 2? Edit

Yes. Kinda.

It's a rewrite I started and then I made it not bad so now it supports angled portals in arbitrary positions, runs better, and other stuff.

Planned featuresEdit

As the game is very early in development, everything in this section is subject to change without notice. Proceed with caution.

  • Various elements from Super Mario Bros. 3 will be implemented.
  • Slopes have been added, in the form of custom polygon-based collisions on a per-tile basis.
  • Portals have been entirely re-written and are no longer bound to tiles; they can be placed anywhere, including slopes. Portals can even rotate freely, although this may not be used at release.
  • Custom enemies will return from Mari0: SE, using a more readable YAML system instead of JSON.
  • Although the game started as a 3DS demo, it is no longer considered a target release platform.
  • Mari0 2 will not be backwards compatible with previous releases - it is considered an entirely new game.


Mari0 2 began as a project to port the game for TurtleP's Love Potion, which is a port of Löve to 3DS homebrew. Although Turtle had previously attempted a 3DS port, it was was unsuccessful. In September 2017, Maurice started rewriting some of Mari0's 5-year-old code to be more optimized, and to run on 3DS. Since then, he has posted regular updates on the Discord server.

On October 4th, 2017, Maurice reworked portals with the ability to be sloped. He commented that he should just make the rewrite based off SMB3 instead at that point, and later requested sprites of Mario with a portal gun in the SMB3 style. The next day, Maurice streamed "Secret Mari0 2 development", attempting to code pixel-based physics into the game.

On December 22nd, 2017, Maurice stated that he removed all 3DS-related code, since Love Potion was not yet feature-rich enough to support it.

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On December 28th, 2017, Maurice released a "demo version of the game" (actually just a joke).


  • Despite all other nicknames and inspirations containing the number 3, the game will likely be officially titled Mari0 2 to keep consistency with Mari0's chronology.