Mazes are set of entities in Mari0 used to make a section of the level loop endlessly until the player goes through the gates in the correct order. They are not listed in the level editor by default, but can easily be added. It should be noted, however, that they are not very stable, and will crash the game very easily.

Creation of a Maze Edit


To create a maze, simply place the maze start entity at the beginning of your maze, and the maze end at the end. In the middle, you should include one or more maze gate entities or some other means of exit. You can make multiple maze gates by setting each gate to a separate number; the player must touch the gates in the numerical order of the gates.

Getting Them in the Editor Edit

To show maze entities in the level editor, simply open entity.lua, and remove the hidden=true phrase on each of the maze entities, which are on lines 26 through 28.

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