Not Donkey Kong, or Wonkey Kong, is a recreation of the NES version of Donkey Kong with physically simulated entities that roll and bounce realistically, much like the previous games Not Tetris 2 and Not Pacman.

It is currently in active development.

History Edit

After two years of inactivity, Maurice made a surprise announcement on Twitter[1] that he would be streaming game development on Twitch, and for a week he streamed Not Donkey Kong daily. After the week was over, he stopped to prepare for Gamescom 2017. After Gamescom was over, he wrote a blog post detailing the event, and at the very end he officially announces Not Donkey Kong, promising more info at a later, currently unknown, date.

An unfinished version was posted to the Discord server on October 2, 2017.

Current features Edit

  • Physical barrels
  • Physical player
  • Wiggly arms and legs
  • The player get pushed in the air when it collides with a barrel
  • 25m

Reference Edit


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