Not Pacman++ is a mod by Automatik for Not Pacman.

It is currently discontinued.


  • A level editor, which is a mode alongside the "Normal mode".
    • Like in the normal mode Walls, Ghosts, Pellets, and Super Pellets.
    • Customisable "Flags".
    • Warps
  • Number of ghosts parametrable for the easy mode.
  • A pause screen.
  • More options
    • 1st person mode(Which was already implemented in Not Pacman, though it only worked properly in scale 2, and was disabled.)
    • Custom zoom level
    • Tiny gui.
    • Vector mode, which worked only in a custom level, sightly modified the graphics so that they didn't look pixely.
    • Fullscreen.
    • Cheats.
      • "Camera Mode", which was a joke mode.
      • "Rolling eyes"
      • "Bullet time", which, like the mode in mari0, permit the player to slow down the game.
        • Currently, a bug(from that feature) forbid the player from playing the game if his computer don't support shader

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