Order of Twilight

Order of Twilight


Order Of Twilight is of course, a game by Maurice.

It's about Twilight Sparkle's mind being in chaos, and going through levels to find what is truly important to her.

It was made in a total of 27 hours for the 2-day MyLittleGameJam, it was also livestreamed.

It was released at October 9th 2012 DescriptionEdit

This is a game where you use your arrow keys to cast a number of different spells to help you progress through the levels. It has a dozen levels to go through and a challenge mode to test your wits.


  • Magic
  • Small pastel horses 
  • More Magic

Order of Agop Edit


Order of Agop is a version of Order of Twilight that Maurice made for Facepunch.

Basically, it has the face of a guy from Facepunch instead of Twilight Sparkle because Facepunch really hated ponies at the time. That's it.