Mushroom flower

Powerups are a type of enemy that affect the player in some way on touch. They are generally placed in a coin block, but can be placed alone.

Being enemies, a form of custom powerups can be made, but they can only affect the movement patterns of the existing powerups (i.e.: a bouncing mushroom). They can not give the player any new properties without modding.

In-Game Edit

When retrieved from a Coin Block or scrolled to, they move to the right—the opposite of enemies, which typically move to the left. They, with the exception of Poison Mushrooms, give the player a buff if touched.

Powerups Edit

Mushroom Edit

Mushrooms are the basic powerup. They move to the right and grow the player if touched.

Fire Flower Edit

They are identical to Mushrooms, only they stand still. When moving, they will always hold their horizontal speed.

Oneup Edit

Oneups give the player an extra life instead of growing them. Unless you want your lives meaningless, use them somewhat sparingly or hide them well.

Poison Mushroom Edit

Poison Mushrooms use the Goomba palette and kill the player on touch. They should be used infrequently.

Star Edit

Stars bounce around making them harder to catch, but make the player invincible for a limited amount of time.

How to Use Edit

Just select the powerup you want from the enemies tab in the editor and place them either on the ground or in a Brick or Coin Block.

There is also the Mushroom/Flower entity, which, when placed in a Coin Block, will normally come out as a Mushroom, but will be a Fire Flower if the player already has one.

Strategies Edit

  • They are great rewards for finding secrets.
  • Never overuse Poison Mushrooms to the point that checking Coin Blocks is an unnecessary risk.
  • They can be used as bait for a trap.

Bug Edit

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