Pyro is a scientist that began the journey to RWLabs, and was stopped just before reaching it.

General Edit

Character Bio
Birthplace Unknown
Status Alive
Last Seen Just outside RWLabs
Other attributes
Weapons A single needle full of poison
Special Skills None
Controlled by Pyrosaur

Pyro is a fairly neutral scientist who was suffering from memory issues.

Chapter 2 Edit

A man stands alone in a dark room. All around him, monitors of various sizes cover the walls. It gave him a great feeling of control, seeing numerous occurrences taking place all at once. Of course, he wasn't in control at all. In fact, he wasn't even supposed to be in this room. But he had to know what was really going on. The seemingly unrelated experiments. The so-called "test subjects". The interdimensional portal he had heard rumours about. It didn't make any sense to him. He needed to know. He paused in his thoughts. Footsteps. He ducked behind a large, humming machine with the facility's insignia printed on it. "SY". He had never learned what it stood for. The footsteps got louder, as well as his heartbeat. Soon they passed, and he breathed a sigh of relief. It was time to go. He slowly opened the door, then crept out, making sure the coast was clear. He nervously walked down the hall. He stopped at the sound of more heavy footsteps. Presenting a stolen key card to the scanner, he opened a door labled "DIMENSIONAL GATE". He hastily entered as the footsteps became faster. Before him was an enourmous chamber, with a huge, swirling vortex in the center. It looked like water, swirling in a whirlpool. The gaurd shouted, but it was too late. The man jumped into the vortex, and disappeared.

–Pyrosaur, as the first post

When he wakes up, he's on the mountain with the fog of corruption, and doesn't recall his name. He sees that he wrote the word 'Pyro' on a slip of paper, and assumes the name of Pyro thereafter. He finds out quickly that the fog is dangerous and moves by its boundaries to get to the top and sees a building. Wanting to find someone, he journeys up, and encounters a coyote that was far stronger than a normal one. He's saved by RW who mistook Pyro as Jakeri. RW gives Pyro a needle for offense and another for healing before leaving without giving him a name.

Pyro then soon encounters Sam, who had just killed Subject 513 and saw Delta's dead body. They then soon realize that something was off when Sam reveals that he saw the man that Pyro described as dead. That night, Drone puts a patch on Sam and they separate, with Pyro fleeing. He sees that Sam was unconscious and approaches him. Sam, believing that Pyro had abandoned him wants to kill him- but Drone had known out of bumfuck nowhere to cut Sam's circle. Sam then leaves Pyro to search for the Emeralds, and Pyro sees that he had to reach his original destination: RWLabs.

Trivia Edit

  • Pyro is the only character who didn't have any direct relations with the events of Chapter 2- but he's still a main character due to his interactions with others.
  • Pyro had his memories wiped twice- once through the portal and another through Death's reset.
  • The facility of "SY" is likely Stabyourself.

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