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Vector depiction. Used as an emote on the Discord Server.

QwertymanO07 (Forums) is a mappack creator who rarely used a Mod, and was a big fan of the Shameless Chamber. He joined on October 5, 2012.

Works Edit

Caustic Edit

Main article: Caustic

A mappack about slime-producing enemies and defeating them with portals. (In development)

Accursed Edit

Main article: Accursed

The winner of the third Map Contest. Features disappearing ghosts that try to hunt the player down.

The Magic Cave Edit

Entry for the first Map Contest, with a theme of "One Screen Levels". Its gameplay was well-regarded, but it ultimately lacked polish. (Link)

Qwertymaps Edit

A short and simple mappack for Beta 8 that showcases many of SE's new features, though it was never finished. (Link)

Qwertylevels (SE) Edit

Main article: Qwertylevels

A total remake of the original mappack for 1.6, meant to separate itself from Mario, but stumbling back into it.

Key Enemy Mappack Edit

A short mappack to showcase the use of Key Enemies. (Link)

βlevels Edit

An early beta of Qwertylevels. (Link)

Holiday Mappack Edit

Main article: Mappack for the Holidays

Made for Christmas; the time limit halves each level.

Old Timey Mappack Edit

A short mappack made in a sepia tone aesthetic. (Link)

Zero Blocks Edit

Main article: Zero Blocks

There are no tiles to be seen, only entities.

The Pirate Mappack Edit

Main article: The Pirate Mappack

A short romp across pirate ships and one of the seven seas.

Bubble Test Edit

A simple showcase of a bubble tileset. (Link)

Qwertylevels (1.6) Edit

Qwerty's first mappack, named after himself. A sort of grab bag of concepts. (Link)

Enemies Edit

Unfinished Mappacks Edit

  • Pack 1 A lot of unfinished proof-of-concept mappacks, though of special note, there is "TERRIFICBLE MAPPACK", an absurd mappack designed to be homage to laughably bad mappacks.
  • Pack 2 Mostly abandoned short, story-based mappacks. Of special note is "The Urine Swamp", which would have featured enemies that drop harmful trails, a concept that would see use in Caustic.

Shameless Chamber Backups Edit

From December 20th, 2013 to Febuary 15. 2014, he posted pdf file backups of various forum games. The thread can be found here.

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