RWLabs joined the forums on February 5th, 2012.


RWLab's avatar that never underwent much change.

He has taken the role of a Grammar Nazi, but towards the latter half before his inactivity, stopped doing so. He was seen openly admitting that he was an asshole; due to his somewhat meticulous personality, the statement rang true for some users. RWLabs revealed that his username was from a game which had R_____ W_____ labs in it. While his profile's information says that he's over a hundred years old, that seems highly unlikely. His avatar, which flashes his Twatter Story characters randomly, merges with the background; leading to a running joke that he was everywhere.

For Mari0 he made Entity Hats and a mappack called Mari0's Journey.

RWLabs is perhaps best known for his participation in Twatter Story for RWLabs the location and RW the insane scientist. He was in Chapters 1, 2 and 4 (failed and otherwise), and was responsible for creating RW, RWLabs, Subject 513, Jakeri and Caris.

However, to this day he remains inactive.

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