Rimshot was released around September 25, 2011. DescriptionEdit

Tired of the overly complicated sequencers currently available? Rimshot was designed from ground up with a simple and intuitive interface in mind to allow the creation of any kinds of drumbeats. With a wide set of features and samples from all kinds of different drums and cymbals, the user can create anything they can imagine.

  • Intuitive controls: With full mouse controls, everything is easily done with a single click
  • Function and form: A sleek design, visually appealing while also showing all necessary information
  • Show your work: Beats exportable and importable as simple, short text allow for easy sharing with friends
  • 3D visualizing: Play along with a 3D representation of the beat in a Rockband/Guitar Hero view


Rimshot is used by placing sounds to compose music.

Gituar Hero ModeEdit

By pressing CVBN and Space you can play the gituar hero thing in the right.

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