General Edit

Rokit Boy
Character Bio
Birthplace Unknown
Status Dead...? Maybe?
Last Seen On a ship with Bonko
Other attributes
Weapons A clipboard...?
Special Skills None
Controlled by Rokit Boy

Rokit Boy was a character created by himself. He was on the evil side before disappearing as quickly as he appeared.

Chapter 2 Edit

Rokit bay walked in, with a lab coat. Showed Bonko a clipboard and turned the pages every so often.

"Great!" Bonko exclaimed. "That is a perfect way."

The contents of the clipboard were...

–Rokit Boy, First and last post about him, disregarding the heart attack thing

Rokit Boy seemingly works for Bonko. He shows Bonko a clipboard and flips through it every once in a while. He's never heard from again.

and rokit boy dies of a heart attack?

–Rokit Boy

Trivia Edit

  • Rokit Boy literally has one post dedicated to him, making him the character with the least presence in both stories (including the Queen of Twatter and C). However, not being able to confirm his death, he doesn't get the shortest death award (held by Jakeri for page count and Ice Shard for in-story time.)
  • Rokit Boy is the ultra Stabyourself member, being one of the oldest and liked members of the forum. He even has an award named after him on this wiki!

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