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The Spring is an entity that provides a large vertical boost when jumped off of, or a smaller boost by itself. In order for the boost to occur, the player must jump as the Spring reaches its most compressed point. Springs only affect the player. Enemies and cubes will simply walk over/sit still on top of the spring.

They are useful for giving the player a lot of vertical speed while still permitting them freedom of movement, as Faith Plates set the player on a very specific course. While they are predominantly an SMB entity, they still have a use in Portal test chambers, as a method of gaining momentum or reaching high places.

Trivia Edit

  • After launching from a Spring, the player will use their third walk frame rather than their jumping frame.
  • Oddly enough, only the orange Overworld-styled spring has the correct graphic. The rest of them use the gray Castle-styled graphic. A similar issue is true for most enemies that have pallete support.