The forums were announced to the public on February 2nd 2012, though Sašo joined 06 Jan 2012, 12:07.

MainEdit Edit

Stabyourself related discussion, announcements

Other Software Edit

If it doesn't have a subforum and it's a related software/service, post in here!

Archive Edit

Read-only archive of past subforums
SE Boss Design Edit

Technical Support Edit

Problems running games? Right in here.

Twatter Edit

If it doesn't fit elsewhere, it should go here

Shame Chamber Edit

The archive of dumb and spam

Shameless Chamber Edit

The place for forum games. This forum is automatically purged. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Games Discussion Edit

Mari0 Edit

Subforums: Mapping, Modding

Mapping Edit

Modding Edit

Ortho Robot Edit

Not Tetris 2 Edit

Not Pacman Edit

Game Development Edit

Feel free to showcase your own projects!

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