FANDOM is a website that was created in early 2011 to make awesome games for people. The games were so awesome, they have a wiki now!

Want to talk about this wiki? Try the forum thread:

Where to find

The main website can be found at (obviously).

Below is a list of other places you can find content, news, contact, etc.

Official List

This is the official list of accounts.[Source]


These are also controlled by, but they're not on the official list for various reasons.


The following are not controlled by in any way, but they're notable enough to list here.

  • Discord (Note: Very active!)
  • Steam Group (Note: Maurice and Sašo are in this group.)
  • Believe it or not, this wiki is unofficial.

Wiki To-do List

  • Mari0-related pages should cover all Mari0 versions
    • Previously this wiki aimed to have all pages cover the SE Beta, but looking back this has made many pages feel inaccurate or incomplete
  • Add content to all mappack pages for the DLC mappacks, the 1.6 Portal Mappack, all the enemies, and all the Ortho Robot levels
  • Create all needed Wanted Pages
  • Place Quotes and Template:Unofficial on more pages
  • Flesh out any Article Stubs
  • Make sure all general Mari0 screenshots use the default Mario or Chell character (including portal colors), unless taken directly from a source (i.e. Mappack screenshots from its forum post)
  • Streamline the tangle of categories; if something is in a sub-category, it doesn't need to be in the parent as well; removing redundant categories

Other mods feel free to add anything to this list.

Latest activity

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