The Battle of Page 100 takes place when a Chat "Room" thread reaches page 100, as the title suggests. Usually during the accompanying period of time before and after the "pinnacle" a significant increase in Chat "Room" posts and members online will occur. Essentially, everyone is fighting to make the first post on page 100; this typically causes enough shitposting to warrant locking the thread and creating the next version. As a result, Chat "Room"s are usually locked at around page 100.

Chat "Room"Edit

Main article: Chat "Room" v1

The 100th page in the first chat room was exciting for many members, though most of them, knowing not what would happen at the end, were worried what would happen at the end of page 99. Others took it upon themselves to achieve the first or last post on that page. A battle broke out between members Bonjour,  TheJonyMyster, TurretBot, and Rokit. The tension of waiting for someone to post was so high it was ridiculous and a countdown began, the battle ending. Curious hope for page 101 was high as the download count for Alesan's Entities, but was soon obliverated by Sašo, ending the countdown and creating the second chat room.

Chat "Room" v2Edit

Main article: Chat "Room" v2

Around a 20 member increase came about on the 97th page. To keep from repeating the first Battle, members such as Firaga attempted to keep the hype down by beginning discussions over Super Mario 64. To around half the members posting this topic was mentioned, others began usual hype over page 100. The member WiloKing, usually mild in posting, began to spam large, unique rants of random words and phrases that had little to no correlation whatsoever. Other members, such as TurretBot, HugoBDesigner, SauloFX, Hans1998, MagicPillow and B-Man 99 began spamming in hype as well. Eventually, the shitposting level was so high, not only did the room reach page 100, they reached page 106. Most sensible members tried to ignore the onslaught of text but it proved to be as powerful as an atomic bomb in Stabyourself history. Eventually Sašo took a good look at the devastated thread and banned WiloKing twice, for an earlier burst of anger towards Turtley3 for being immature, and irrelevantly, constantly posting about Cube World for the past week even though he'd been warned several times. Sašo called the thread a disgrace and hijacked Chat "Room" v3 from an earlier poster.

MM102 made the first post on Page 102, claiming it was his life goal.

Chat "Room" v3Edit

Main article: Chat "Room" v3

Around nothing so far is known about this room's end but it said it will bring with it the end of all reality and time. At the end of the second room, WiloKing stated, although incomprehendibly furious, he would achieve the 100 page's first post. Sašo will end this thread and create the destruction of everything.

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