"Well, now there’s a mod for that."
The following is unofficial/fan-made content.

Thwomps are a sentient brick found in castles, made into a custom enemy by TurretBot.

For more information about Thwomps in other Mario games, check the Mario Wiki.

In-Game Edit

It works like Thwomps in other Mario games: it hangs out on the ceilings and tries to crush you when you get near. Interestingly, it is not fire resistant.

How to Use Edit

Install the enemy in the enemies folder in your mappack, and select it in the editor. You need to place it on the right block, and it will spawn between two blocks.

Strategies Edit

  • They make wonderful traps.
  • <<<Somebody please add more.>>>

Bugs Edit

  • It can only fall four blocks.
  • You can go through it when it's at the top.