Not to be confused with the turrets from Portal 1 and 2

TurretBot is a member on the forums, previously known as Turret Opera. He has the most amount of posts on the forum, beating the previous record-holder Renhoek after 4,552 posts.  He is known for constantly making jokes. At first, his constant jokes were met with negativity towards him. After a while, a little before changing his name, he stopped making them so often. He's now one of the older members to stay active.

Notable Threads Edit

As of September 27th, 2015 he has made 53 threads. His first thread was a split of the 0'Brothers thread because he was the first in a chain of unrelated posts about ponies. His actual first thread was for his 20 Second Run mappack.

Mari0 Questions ThreadEdit

A question thread that was quickly deemed pointless by Renhoek, but Maurice gives some insight on a couple things.

The Super Mario Brothers Crossover Port ProjectEdit

Was supposed to port the "easy" and "hard" edits of Super Mario Bros. from Super Mario Bros. Crossover to Mari0. Though one room unique to Crossover was created, nothing else was made.

The Worst Mappack Ever (v1.2) (SMB+)Edit

This thread was actually made by WaryLouka, but when all of his posts were deleted, thread ownership went to Turret.

Super Stabyourself WarEdit

A project to reskin Super Mario War to be stabyourself-themed. Surprisingly, a lot of progress was made.

Will Smith Appreciation ThreadEdit

A thread to appreciate Will Smith, the goomba in the portal of Mari0's logo. But mostly, names are suggested until Sašo gives him the official name.

My first game with a long nameEdit

A thread about Turret's first game, which has a long name. The goal of the game is to move the player around the window without touching the edges, otherwise it's game over.

Mari0's Color PaletteEdit

A short thread where Turret gives out an images with the color palette of Mari0. WikiEdit

A thread about this wiki!

Livestream ThreadEdit

A thread where people can announce when they're streaming. Abandoned late 2014 as members stopped streaming.

Regret Day ThreadEdit

Based off of a post Sašo made where the day you registered is called Regret Day, opposed to reddit which calls it Cake Day, and the Birthday Thread by Imaginary Cake.

Forum GamesEdit

TurretBot is more or less responsible for the creation of the Shameless Chamber, due to a post he made in Chat "Room" v2 about the "no more forum games" rule.  A little while later, the Shameless Chamber was created and old forum games were moved there.


A game where the users change the rules as it is played. Originally made during the "no more forum games" rule, so it was moved to the Shame Chamber. This motivated Turret to make the post mentioned above.

Recaption The AvatarEdit

A revival of Caption The Avatar by LightningFire.

The ^ < v Game 2Edit

A revival of The ^ < v Game by LightningFire created after WillWare made a thread for /r/PraiseWilo.


TurretBot has made several mappacks. Up until 2016 he had been working on a mappack titled The Wanna Be for Mari0: Special Edition, but due to losing the files it has been cancelled.

20 Second RunEdit

A mappack based off the game 10 Second Run, a DSiWare game in which you have 10 Seconds to beat each short level. It was dropped like many other mappacks at the time due to Mari0: Special Edition's announcement, but due to the long distance between 1.6 and the SE beta, was forgotten.

What Not To Make!Edit

What Not To Make ws a group mappack that tries to showcase shitty level design. It was later revived for SE, but didn't get very far due to some concept flaws that were pointed out.

Outside The BoxEdit

This is the first mappack Turret completed. In it, each level is a single screen and each world only uses one tile. It exploits the use of worlds 9, 0, and the minus world to have 10 worlds total in the mappack. When TurretBot stopped using Mediafire, the download was removed. However, it has low polish and is almost impossible to complete.

Outside The Box 2Edit

A sequel to Outside The Box for Alesan's Entities. It has the same concept as the original, but each level is two screens long and each world uses two tiles. Like the original, it has low polish.


A project to port Metroid into Mari0. Due to a lack of an accurate Metroid tileset, it was put on hold, and forgotten about later.

1.6 Portal Mappack (in SE)Edit


Under 1-1Edit

A simple 1 level mappack to test out SE that shows what is under World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., using vertical scrolling. However, the download was removed.

Mari0 Level GeneratorEdit

A generator made with RandomGen that can produce psuedo-esque levels and almost produce overworld levels.

Short-Term AuthorEdit

A group mappack where contributors post one screenshot as a piece of the level, then continues with the next post having a screenshot of the next part of the level.


TurretBot made a few mods as well. However, he did little for his first two.

Extra Loading TextEdit

Turret adds some more loading texts to Mari0.

3-Up, 5-Up, and 10-Up Mushrooms + I'm Not Mario!Edit

A mod that Turret "made" which adds a right-click value to the 1-Up Mushroom entity to have it give 3, 5, or 10 lives, though Qcode did most of the work in a help thread. In an update, he changed the amount of worlds on the warp pipe's rightclick, and the name of Mario to the name of the mappack you're playing.

Missing Enemy HandlerEdit

A fix for SE that replaces any missing enemies with a goomba, so the game doesn't crash. However, the download was removed.

Turret's Additional Animations/OtherEdit

This mod adds a ton of new animations to the game, and as of the fourth update, some other cool things as well.

Multiple Custom Tilesets (proof of concept) Edit

A small, self-explanatory mod that allows you to use more than one custom tileset.

Better Level Editor: Special Edition Edit

A mod that ports over a couple features of the Better Level Editor mod for 1.6, while adding some new features. He has WillWare as a beta tester.

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