The current icon.

I think the original idea [for the name] was mixing "twitter" with "twat"[...].


Twatter is the place where topics go when they aren't related with a Stabyourself game, such as itself.

Major Threads Edit

The Chat "Room" v# Edit

The general chat thread. Since this has no topic, it switches them frequently and can easily be derailed.

Art Thread/Pixel art and sprites go here Edit

While these are two different threads, they serve a similar goal: art, just as the names suggest.

Noteworthy Posts / Arguing About Said Noteworthy Posts Edit

Main Article: Noteworthy Posts

The thread for showcasing and discussing funny or stupid (though not Shame Chamber level) posts, including from the Steam chat.

Subfora Edit

Old Icons Edit

This is all the old icons of Twatter.

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