An example of a water level, in this case the Minus World

Water is a type of physics that can be activated in one of two ways: the water Level Flag or a water tile. In it, the player is granted infinite jumps with a special sound and lower gravity, unless a drain is used. Bubbles will periodically rise from the player. Unfortunately, water tiles can not be used in water levels to create sections of land.

Drains Edit


Drains are an entity, ostensibly for water, which raises the player's gravity. They are mostly used to make certain areas harder to swim through, as if the player is getting sucked down. Drains can be used on land as well, and will still raise the player's gravity; making it harder to jump. It is considered bad form to overuse them, as it makes the player spam the jump key while trying to swim.

In previous versions, it let the player jump even after falling, but not after jumping; however, this is no longer true in SE.

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