For the character he plays in Twatter Story, see WillWare (character).

WillWare's avatar.

WillWare is a forum member perhaps best known for his mappacks. Lately he administrates the unofficial Discord server, and streams on Twitch.

He is not the most outspoken member, preferring to lurk and let others do the talking. Most of his posts on the forums are about things he's made, with the occasional dry interjection or meme. He joined the forum on March 7th, 2012.

WillWare also goes by Will or William (his first name).



Community-Made MappacksEdit


While not a sprite artist himself, WillWare has compiled a number of tilesets for Mari0 from other games and artists. An Imgur album with all of them is available here.

Other ContributionsEdit

WillWare made a handful of maps for Not Pacman++. Forum link

He also created the unofficial Discord server for, for which he currently serves as the administrator.

Twatter StoryEdit


Main article: WillWare (character)

WillWare plays as a Balance Angel from the future. To stop the destruction of his world by Turmoil, he travels to the past to defeat it at its source.

He boasts incredible speed, and wields a bladed bow (inspired by Pit's bow from Kid Icarus).


Main article: Grace

Will also plays the character Grace starting in Chapter 2. She is also a Balance Angel, and very hot-tempered. She and WillWare consider themselves rivals.

Social MediaEdit


  • Avatar 400px

    WillWare's old avatar. was the first online community WillWare joined, and still the one he is most active in.
  • WillWare's username was inspired by WarioWare, and was first used for his profile in WarioWare: D.I.Y.
  • The shading on Will's avatar is made to look like a W.
  • Will's old avatar was a cropped picture of Sonic sliding down an ice slope, from a piece of concept art for Sonic Unleashed.
  • Will stopped contributing to Twatter Story due to embarrasment about his characters being too overpowered, and severely bloating the story with unnecessary lore and plot devices.
  • Originally, Will made the Discord server as an alternative to Skype calls for community streams, but it quickly outgrew this purpose.

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